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This month, the theme is “Electrifying”. All about electric vehicles, past, current, and future. Electric cars are almost as old as powered vehicles. This month: William Morrison’s battery operated carriage, a 1900 Porsche hybrid, electric planes, Livewire, a 256 MPH electric supercar, electric trains, and more.

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Earlier this month, Pat & Harry hosted a retirement party for the well known bicycle collector (and American Pickers guest star) Mel Short. The weather was a little on the cool side, however, a good time was had by all. Click here for more pictures.

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History Trivia: It’s hard to pinpoint the first electric vehicle to one person or country. The electric vehicle was a series of developments in the 1800s that led to the first electric vehicle on the road. In the United States, the first successful electric car made its debut around 1890 thanks to William Morrison, a chemist who lived in Des Moines, Iowa. His six-passenger vehicle capable of a top speed of 14 miles per hour was little more than an electrified wagon, but it helped spark interest in electric vehicles. William Morrison is perhaps the first “gearhead” to have a “man cave”. Morrison had a secret basement laboratory where he worked on his storage batteries and electric vehicle, he called it the “Cave”. Did you know that in 1912, there were over 30,000 electric vehicles in the United States? Picture here is one of Morrison’s electric vehicles.

If you enjoy history we have a new aviation history fact each day at the bottom of our webpages.  Some days there may be more than one, just refresh the page.  And if you like Beatles history, checkout our Events Calendar and select the Beatles category.  This is a work in progress, we’re building the most comprehensive calendar of important dates in Beatle history.  We also have a “This Day In History” category in our Events Calendar.  For those that like to stick with current news, we have an aviation news ticker on our home page.  This is updated daily to show the current aviation news.

Achievements & Special Recognition: Earlier this month, we had the last award night for the season at the Laytonsville Cruise In. Picture here are some of the winners with their awards. They all deserve some special recognition for their hard work and dedication in taking care of these pieces of rolling history. Click here for some pictures of the award winners from the last award night of 2022.

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Aviation/Aviators in the news: ZeroAvia has recently entered into a non-exclusive joint development agreement with Textron Aviation, Inc., for the development of hydrogen-electric, zero-emission powertrains for the Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft. ZeroAvia plans to obtain a supplemental type certificate (STC) to retrofit the Grand Caravan single-engine utility turboprop with the ZA600 zero-emission powertrain.

The aviation section of the Flymall is full of aviation news, training info, and much more for the aviator.

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Car/Motorcycle Show News:   The Laytonsville Cruise In is the place to be on a Friday night in Montgomery County.  The Laytonsville Cruise In was started by Harry in 2010. It has become one of the most popular cruise ins in the area. You can follow Harry on Facebook for daily updates during the many shows and events he attends.

Think electric vehicles aren’t performance vehicles? Have you seen the 1,914-hp Rimac Nevera electric hypercar? This is the fastest accelerating production car in the world. It has a top speed of 256 MPH.

One of Ferdinand Porsche first cars was an electric car. Here it is, the1900 Lohner-Porsche electric car. The Lohner–Porsche Mixed Hybrid (sometimes incorrectly referred to as Löhner–Porsche) was the first gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle, and was developed by Ferdinand Porsche at Lohner-Werke. First prototypes were two-wheel drive, battery-powered electric vehicles with two front-wheel hub-mounted motors. A later version was a series hybrid using hub-mounted electric motors in each wheel, powered by batteries and a gasoline-engine generator.

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The Flymall team was invited to the Mack Trucks / Volvo open house and car show held October 8th. The Mack Truck / Volvo plant was amazing to see. Here is an experimental electric truck motor being developed by Volo. We were able to see it in person. Very cool! We didn’t get any details on the horsepower rating or when it may be put into use. Click on the picture for a larger view.

Volvo experimental electric truck motor

Here’s some other pictures from the Mack Trucks / Volvo Open House & Car Show: Car Show pictures, Factory Tour pictures.

Did you know that Henry Ford made an electric vehicle based on the Model T? Here an interesting story about it and Henry Ford’s relationship with Thomas Edison. Ford actually worked for Thomas Edison for a while. The two discussed electric vehicles together. Pictured here is one of Ford’s early electric vehicles.

In 2019 Pat, Jett, & Harry were invited to a Harley Davidson Livewire launch party at the local Harley dealer. The Livewire was intended to be a Harley Davidson model, however, by December of 2021, Harley Davidson announced that is was going to be a separate company called LiveWire. The Livewire is Harley Davidson’s first electric motorcycle. Click here for more pictures. Harley-Davidson says the maximum speed is 110 mph with it’s 105 horsepower motor.

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Elizabeth passed her CFII checkride with Harry earlier this month. Elizabeth is an outstanding pilot. She owned her own plane before she could drive a car. She had her commercial pilot certificate before she had her driver’s license. She is just 20 years old and already she is a commercial pilot, CFII, and advanced and instrument ground instructor. Next she will work on her A&P certificate and multi engine rating. This was he 5th checkride with Harry and this is the 6th certificate Harry issued her (including her ground instructor certificate).

Weather in the news: Click here for some interesting facts about lightning found on a NOAA page.

Benjamin Franklin’s experiments revolved around the hypothesis that lightning was indeed electrical in nature. And he wanted to prove that lightning was electricity. Did you know that Benjamin Franklin first introduced the idea of daylight saving time in a 1784 essay he wrote? But the modern concept is credited to George Hudson from his 1895 proposal. He proposed a two-hour time shift so he’d have more after-work hours of sunshine to go bug hunting in the summer.

Three Wheel Association (TWA):  Harry started the Three Wheel Association in 2013 to promote/support the industry of three wheel vehicles of all types. Visit the Three Wheel Association page on the Flymall for more info on the association.

Toronto-based electric-vehicle maker Daymak Avvenire has debuted its prototype dubbed Spiritus. Avvenire’s Spiritus is a fully loaded two-seater electric car with optional autonomous driving features, Wi-Fi connectivity, AC, 12-speaker stereo system, solar panels for additional trickle-charging- additions to add ultimate comfort to your daily commute. The Avvenire Spiritus Ultimate has a 0-to-60 mph time of 1.8 seconds thanks to its 330 kW motor making 449 horsepower. Pretty fast for an electric 3-wheeler. It has an initial base model price of $19,995.00 USD.

Want a reproduction vintage 3 wheeler.  Walker Aviation can scratch built from pictures or drawings.  Visit his page on the Flymall.  


Prototypes: On September 27 2022, the Eviation Alice prototype, an electric passenger plane made it’s first flight. The Alice can carry nine passengers and two crew. It has been reported that  Cape Air, a regional airline, has ordered 75 planes. Another aviation company, GlobalX Airlines reportedly ordered 50 aircraft. And DHL is said to have some on order as well. It is reported that Alice will have a 250 NM range and a maximum operating speed of 260 KTAS.

Nautical Notes: A company called X Shore is producing some very cool electric boats. Their coolness isn’t cheap. Their Eelex 8000 (pictured below) will set you back $329,000, the new X Shore 1 comes in at just $139,000 USD. 

Here is an alternative to an electric outboard motor with a battery. Made by Torqeedo. This one has a built in lithium-ion battery. This is great for small boats where space and weight are an issue. Click on the image for a larger view.

We have been running with a Minn Kota Transom Mount Trolling Motor in our classic Walker Bay 8 for a while now. We can get over an hour running time at one of the higher power settings. So far, it has been a great motor for our use.

Disney World Monorail

Riding The Rails: One of the coolest and most famous electric train systems, is the Walt Disney World Monorail System. This rail system opened in 1971. The total rail system is just under 15 miles. Roughly 50 million people ride it each year. Surprisingly the trains have been manufactured by two big names in aviation. The Mark VI was built by Martin Marietta and the Mark VI was built by Bombardier Transportation. The Mark IV was in service from 1971 to 1991 and the Mark VI entered service in 1989. The Walt Disney World Monorail System is probably one of the safest modes of transportation. Since it started service in 1971, there has been only one death on the monorail.

Animals in the headlines: So what is the best electric vehicle to get if you have a dog? Well, TopGear says the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo. The main reason they say is because it sits lower to the ground and therefore is easier for you dog to get in. Click here for the full story.

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

We close this newsletter with these words: Electricity is really just organized lightning!

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