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182 Appraisal N33ZT

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

A search of the FAA database shows N33ZT registered as a 1977 182Q however by serial number it is considered a 1978.  This appraisal was complete using the computer program Aircraft Bluebook Price Digest (current edition).   The average retail sale price of a 1977 182Q is $63,000 USD and the wholesale or trade-in value is $50,000 USD.  The average retail price of a 1978 182Q is $67,000 USD and the wholesale or trade-in value is $54,000 USD. Based on this data and the appraisal below I would expect this aircraft to sell for somewhere in the mid $50,000 USD to low $60,000 USD range.        

I have included a snapshot of the current listings on the Controller for review and comparison.  Keep in mind that these are “asking prices” only, these are not actual “sale” values.  Bluebook numbers are based on actual sale numbers provided by banks, lending companies, dealers, brokers, etc.    

The appraiser also conducted a search of the NTSB online database which showed no records on file.

 Aircraft Appraisal:  1978  182Q II SKYLANE             

Avg Retail   Inventory                                                                

$67,000        $54,000       1978  182Q II SKYLANE                                    

2,412          1,944       Low Airframe hours: 2,900 hrs  (3.6% for low usage)      

-833           -833       For high engine time × 1 engine   [800 log hrs]          

25,613         25,613       40 percent of Avionics cost (your cost column)           

-12,000        -12,000       Paint job                                                

-15,000        -15,000       Portion of engine overhaul                               

$67,192        $53,724       Total value(s)                                           

 Appraisal notes:   The appraisal is based on good paint and interior (there was a deduction for paint), annual within 6 months, no damage history, all ADs complied with.  The appraiser added for 40 percent of the added avionics based on data provided by Dick at Wings N Things.  Avionics do not hold their value.  At 2 years avionics are worth 55 percent of new cost, 3 years 45 percent of new cost, 4 years 35 percent of new cost.  The appraiser based the avionics price on being between 3 and 4 years old.  The appraiser deducted $15,000 USD for a portion of the engine overhaul.  Based on the age of the engine overhaul most buyers will want to deduct a large portion of the average cost for an engine overhaul.  This number may increase or decrease based on the individual buyer.

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