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Flymall June 2020 Wheels & Wings Newsletter

Sunday, July 5th, 2020

Interested in living at an airport?  Visit our Aviation Real Estate page here.

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On June 18 we celebrated Paul McCartney’s birthday.  Did you know that Paul’s birthday and the birthday of the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson are two days apart?  Now you do.  Two musical geniuses share a birthday.

Kraemer Aviation hosted it’s annual 4th of July celebration.  Click here for pictures from the event.

History Trivia:

If you enjoy history we have a new aviation history fact each day at the bottom of our webpages.  Some days there may be more than one, just refresh the page.  And if you like Beatles history, checkout our Events Calendar and select the Beatles category.  This is a work in progress, we’re building the most comprehensive calendar of important dates in Beatle history.

For those that like to stick with current news, we have an aviation news ticker on our home page.  This is updated daily to show the current aviation news.

Achievements & Special Recognition:  June 12 2020 marked the 1 year anniversary of Harry being appointed a Designated Pilot Examiner.  His first checkride wasn’t until July 1 2019.

Instructors, what to highlight your students first solo or other achievement here?  Just send us a short write-up and a picture or two and we’ll post it here for you.  Click here for our contact info.

Harry took Jon flying on his last day of work.  Click here for pictures.   They had so much fun, they did it again a few days later. Click here for pictures of the second flight.

Aviation/Aviators in the news:  Here is an interesting video highlighting WWII glider pilots.  A remarkable group of pilots.

At just 18 years old, Jake passed his Private Pilot checkride on June 30 2020. He wants to be an aeronautical engineer.  Well done Jake!

Did you know that the Cessna 172 made it’s first flight on June 12th 1955.

Below is a great story.  This is one of the joys of sharing flying!

The aviation section of the Flymall is full of aviation news, training info, and much more for the aviator.

Air show season is always just around the corner.  Want to travel to air shows in your own aircraft?  Visit our used aircraft page on the Flymall to view our inventory.

Car/Motorcycle Show News: On this date – 6/17/1946: The first mobile telephone call is placed from a car in St. Louis, Missouri.

Our Events Calendar has the most current info regarding local and national car shows, air shows, and more.  With nearly 30 categories, there is something for everyone.  The Day Tripper section of the Flymall has dozens of day trip ideals and interesting places to visit.  Check it out here.

Barn Finds/Hangar Finds:  Need an appraisal on your barn find?  Visit our Appraisal Page for information on our appraisals.

The Ford Bronco of the 1970s was was of the best looking SUVs.  They’re selling for big bucks if you can find a nice one.  Well here is a 1977 Bronco with only 6,000 miles.  How much would you pay for this one?

We also have an “Island Find” this month.

The following is an actual advertisement in an Irish newspaper:
Automobile for Sale: 1985 Blue Volkswagen Only 50 miles.
Only first gear and reverse ever used.
Never driven hard.
Original tyres.
Original brakes.
Original fuel and oil.
Only 1 driver.
Owner wishing to sell due to employment lay-off.
photo attached

Visit our online store to search for hard to find car parts, aircraft parts, and much more.  You can pay online in our secure store, just click on the Store button on our home page.

Visit the Test Drive section of the Flymall for reviews on automobiles, aircraft, motorcycles, and more. Read about it before you buy it.  You can also research price info on a wide variety of vehicles, collectibles, and more in the Market Watch section of the Flymall.

If you’re restoring a fabric aircraft, Ira Walker of Walker Aviation is your resource.  Visit his page on the Flymall by clicking here.

CFI / DPE Notes:  On June 7 2020, Harry did his first Flight Instructor Practical Test.  Here he is pictured with the applicant, Yaniv.

Visit Harry’s Practical Test page for information on his checkrides.  You will also find useful information there to help you prepare for your checkride.  You can also visit Harry’s Lesson Plan section of the Flymall for other flight training information.  Visit our Flight Training page for information on our aviation training classes.

Weather in the news:  June 3 we had a very large storm system in the Northeast

Three Wheel Association (TWA): Visit the Three Wheel Association page on the Flymall for more info on the association.

Want a reproduction vintage 3 wheeler.  Walker Aviation can scratch built from pictures or drawings.  Visit his page on the Flymall.

Prototypes:  Here is an interesting Corvette prototype for this month.  A 1959 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray.

Animals in the headlines: Visit Harry’s Turtle page on the Flymall to learn more about the turtles in the sanctuary.

We close this newsletter with these words: Let love and kindness be the motivation behind all that you do!

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