Harry's Turtles

Harry's Turtles


Here is a listing of the different species of turtles we have in our sanctuary.

19 turtles/tortoises
12 different type

Aquatic – (13)
Red Ear Slider (2)
Texas Map Turtle (1)
Pink-bellied Side-necked Turtle (1)
Snapping Turtle (1)
Chinese Stripe-necked Turtle or Golden Thread Turtle (1)
Yellow-bellied Slider (3)
Eastern Painted Turtle (2)
Florida River Cooter (2)

Land – (6)
Russian Tortoise (1)
Cherry-head Red-foot Tortoise (1)
African Spurred Sulcata Tortoise (Geochelone) (1)
Eastern Box Turtle (3)

Sulcata diet: Clean grass cuttings, clover, dandelion greens and flowers, rose petals, nasturtium, hibiscus, geraniums, cactus fruits, desert mallow, mustard greens, collard greens, turnip greens, mulberry leaves. They like bright colors so give them something colorful every day such a shredded yams or carrots. Can feed small amounts of fresh fruits. They will sometimes eat their own feces. Hatchlings will eat more dark greens such as collards, alfalfa, kale. Too much protein will make them sick or even kill them. Do not feed too much broccoli, kale, bok choy, or Brussels sprouts. Hibiscus or Mexican petunia aloe vera and Cactus pads.

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Sulcata house details:
Here are pictures of my heaters for my Sulcata house. I got these from Home Depot for about $30 each. I run two of them so that I can switch one off while I run the other one. This way I do not have a heater that over heats. I also have two ceramic heat lamps on a timer that switch on and off automatically. I have a UVB lamp on a timer as well. On the floor I have a pig blanket that is on a thermostat. At any time there are 3 heat sources in the house. In those very cold days of January and February I was able to keep it around 80 degrees in there. As I said earlier I did have a pig blanket catch fire due to some hay that the turtle dragged in the house. You can see some of the burnt wood inside if you look closely at the pictures. The first pig blanket did not have a thermostat, the current one does. The manufacturer told me that the thermostat may help prevent a fire if the turtle drags in hay again. I have stopped using hay, my Sulcata would not eat it anyway. In the house on the floor I use ground up walnut shells or some of the new type vitamin sand that is ok if they eat it. Feel free to message me for more information. I have 5 outdoor turtle habitats. I should have all of them open in a week or two. You are welcome to come over and take a look at what I have done. I have 22 turtles. I have had my Sulcata for about 10 years and this is his first winter outside. He seems to enjoy going in and out of his house all day. He even walked around in the snow one day.

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