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Flymall Wheels & Wings January 2019 Newsletter

Thursday, January 24th, 2019

Welcome to the Kraemer Aviation / Flymall Wheels & Wings January 2019 Newsletter.  Lots of exciting items this month.  Click here for past newsletters.  Click here for our January 2019 newsletter.

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This month we have some exciting news from Bravo Flight TrainingBravo Flight Training has expanded to KGAI.  Harry’s friend Brenda has expanded her operation to include a flight school / office at the Montgomery County Airpark.  For years there has been a demand for a quality flight school at KGAI and Bravo Flight Training has fulfilled this.

Achievements & Special Recognition:  For January 2019 we’re featuring the achievements of Mr. Harold Wagner.  A few months ago we featured a radial engine Piper Cub.  This month we’re introducing you to a Piper Twin Cub.  The Twin Cub was the idea of Mr. Harold Wagner of the Wagner Aircraft Co.  He wanted to create a simple and cheap twin engined SUV type aircraft and started experimenting with a PA18 Super Cub which he equipped with a second engine on top of the fuselage. The sports utility aircraft made its first flight on May 29, 1952 but tail flutter caused by the downthrust of the extra powerplant meant that the Twin Super Cub project had to be ended prematurely after only 8 hrs of flight time, after which the Super Cub was returned to stock configuration.  Mr. Wagner’s second attempt produced the Twin Cub. It consisted of a J-3 Cub and a PA-11 Cub Coupe fuselage mounted side-by-side using a small wing center section and central tailplane. The outer wing panels and tailplane were standard components. Because of the close proximity of the fuselages, only the righthand one could be occupied by a pilot and passenger, the lefthand fuselage serving only the purpose of engine mounting. The aircraft had no propeller synchronizing. The props rotating in different planes  to prevent hitting each other.  It is claimed that flight qualities were just great, even with one engine out.  Even though the purchase price was said to be about half of a regular twin engined aircraft, the Twin Cub remained a one-off and Mr. Wagner turned his attention to the Twin Tri-Pacer, where he bolted two engines to the nose of an otherwise standard Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer.  None of the Wagner conversions achieved commercial success and both the Twin Cub and Twin Tri-Pacer returned to standard configuration.  Mr. Wagner does deserve some special recognition for his achievement and his vision to produce an inexpensive light twin aircraft.


Aviation/Aviators in the news: Derek Piggott, a well know and award winning glider pilot passed away on January 6 2019.  Derek was the first person to make an officially authenticated take-off and flight in a man-powered aircraft.  Click here for more info on Derek.

Here’s an interesting video that has been making its way around Facebook.  A touch and go in mid flight.


Go to air shows in style this year with your own affordable Warbird.  Kraemer Aviation has an award winning Cessna T-41 for sale.  Click here for detailsClick here for our other used aircraft for sale.


If you enjoy aviation history, each day we have a new aviation history fact at the bottom of our webpages.  Some days there are more than one, just refresh the page.  And on our home page we have the latest in aviation news.  It is all at  And if you want current aviation news, we have that as well on our home page.

Car/Motorcycle Show News:  Visit our events calendar for up to date car show news and events.  Visit our appearance calendar to find out where the Flymall team will be.  Lots of air shows, airport open houses, car shows, etc. are being posted daily to our events calendar.


The Laytonsville Cruise In is a year round event.  2019 is the 10th year for the Laytonsville Cruise In.  We have had some large crowds on Friday night at Julliano’s Brick Oven Pizza.  Harry has a standing reservation for a large table near the pizza oven.  Folks start arriving around 4 PM on Friday evening, stop by and enjoy some good food and conversation.


Barn Finds/Hangar Finds:   Here is an unusual Barn Find for this month (spotted on ebay).  A 1958 GM Oldsmobile air ride pump compressor (V Twin).  Part number 5540194.  This was found still in the original box.  It’s new old stock.  In the TWA section this month we have some compressed air powered vehicles.  We thought it would be cool to have this miniature V Twin compressor on the front of a child’s size compressed air powered three wheeler similar to the Triking (pictured below).




We can appraise your barn find or hangar find.  Click here for our appraisal page.  Our Market Watch section of the Flymall is a valuable resource for pricing your barn find or hangar find.  You can search our Market Watch by any combination of Make, Model, and Year.  Under Make you can also enter names of movie starts and/or celebrities such as James Garner or even The Rockford Files.  Here you can compare prices for the Trans Am, it shows vehicles owned by Burt Reynolds and /or associated with his movies and it shows data for a regular Trans Am.  Celebrity status does increase the value of a vehicle.  Visit the Test Drive section of the Flymall.  In our Test Drive section you can research reviews on different vehicles and aircraft, or write a review yourself.  Sign up today and share a review.


CFI/DPE Notes:  P-Factor???  What is it?  When does it occur?

P-Factor  under Effects it says “The effect is most noticeable during the climb phase after take off and in flight conditions with high power and high angle of attack.”    Does this imply that it is always there?
Here is something out of an early FAA Publication called AC 61-23C Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge.  It says:  “The effects of P factor or asymmetric propeller loading usually occur when the airplane is flown at a high angle of attack.”  And then it goes on to say “Again this is most pronounced when the engine is operating at a high power setting and the airplane is flown at a high angle of attack.”  This is word for word from the FAA.  Is the FAA stating that it is always there?  They do say when it is most pronounced.
What are your thoughts?  Post any comments below.

Weather in the news:  2018 was the wettest year on record.  And 2019 is starting off with some large storms.  Here are two January storms, a week apart.  Both storms had an array of precip and both storms covered the states from top to bottom.

January 12 2019 storm system

January 19 storm system



Three Wheel Association (TWA):  A little history on three wheelers. A three-wheeled wheelchair was built in the mid to late 1600s by a disabled German man, Stephan Farffler, who wanted to be able to maintain his mobility. Since he was a watch-maker, he was able to create a vehicle that was powered by hand cranks. In 1789, two French inventors developed a three-wheeled vehicle, powered by pedals. They called it the tricycle. Stephan’s three wheeler is pictured here.  Harry hopes to have a replica of Stephan Farffler’s 3 wheeler in his collection.

Here we have a 3 wheeler with an aviation connection, a Martin Stationette.  Built by a pioneer aviator, engineer, and inventor named Capt. James Vernon Martin.  He would build one-off prototypes with hopes of finding a company to mass produce them.  Harry has appraised several one-off prototypes.  Click here for information on our appraisals.


Compressed air power cars???  Is this actually possible?  With many new electric vehicles and hybrids, can a vehicle run on compressed air?

Toyota has created a compressed air powered car called the KU:RIN.  It has achieved a top speed of just over 80 MPH on compressed air.  Click here for a picture via Google images.


Here is a new company that plans to mass produce compressed air powered vehicles in the US.  Zero Pollution Motors.  They plan to produce a 3 wheel vehicle called the AIRPod.  They will have models available for under $10,000.00 USD.


Looking for an entry level 3 wheeler project?  We have a nice vintage pedicab for sale.  Click here for details.

Prototypes:  Racing this month. Racecars and race planes.  Did you know that Racecar spelled backwards is Racecar!  Can a vehicle or aircraft look like it moving when it sitting still?  Sure!  Here are a few examples of some French vehicles (aircraft too) that look like their moving just sitting still.

Here is an interesting racecar.  It appears to be a Citroen.  Click on the picture for a larger view.



Here is a French racing plane that looks fast just sitting on the ramp. The Caudron C.450 and C.460 were French racing aircraft built to participate in the Coupe Deutsch de la Meurthe race of 1934. Pictured here is a Caudron C.460 Replica.  Click on the picture for a larger view.


Here is an unusual Beechcraft called a Model 34.  Click here for more info.  Not really a race plane, just something interesting we included this month.



Check out our new logo.  We’ll soon have items for sale in our store with our new logo.

Animals in the headlines:  This month our wolf dog Jett is in the news.  Check out Jett’s page on the Flymall.  She is a celebrity at the local Harley Davidson dealer.  Every time she visits the dealership she makes their Facebook page.  The Facebook post with her in them are always shared on our Facebook page.



We close this newsletter with these words of wisdom for our aviator readers:  Keep your heads up, you’ll see more airplanes.

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