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Porsche A Stock Market Giant

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Three years ago, Volkswagen found itself fearing a foreign takeover. Porsche, the company, decided to step in and start buying VW stock ostensibly to protect the landmark brand, widely fueling market expectations that it would eventually buy Volkswagen outright. Of course, this isn’t quite what came to pass.

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Kitfox IV Appraisal

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

The aircraft is hangared at the Frederick Municipal Airport in Frederick, Maryland (KFDK).  The aircraft was built by the current owner Doug Kelly.  Overall the aircraft is in very good condition.  It has been painted to resemble the famous racing plane the Howard DGA-6 (Mister Mulligan).  Click here for more info on Mister Mulligan.

The aircraft was completed (built) by the owner from a kit (non “quick-build”) and gotten to flying stages between 1992 and 1998. Phase 1 was completed during the next six months. N213Y was kept on a trailer and stored in a garage between flights for about 3 years after which a hangar became available at KFDK.  The aircraft has been stored in the hangar since.

It should be noted that N213Y has numerous upgrades and modifications and overall the aircraft is in excellent condition.  The aircraft has systems that are usually found on larger and/or production aircraft such as the angle of attack indicating system and electric trim.  The aircraft is an excellent example of a home built aircraft.

A search of the NTSB and FAA databases showed no accidents or incidents.

This aircraft, N213Y, was personally inspected on February 9 2010 by Harry Kraemer an industry trained/certified appraiser at the Frederick Municipal Airport (KFDK).

The information herein has been prepared from many sources and believed to be correct. The appraiser cannot warrant the accuracy of the source material.  The appraiser referenced numerous websites for data and information to compute a fair market value on N213Y.  At the time of the appraisal there were no comparables listed on the many “aircraft for sale” websites.

An inspection and inventory was conducted by a physical examination of the external surfaces of the aircraft, cockpit and passenger cabin. It includes an inventory and assessment of condition of avionics, instrumentation and aircraft systems. No inspection plates were removed for internal inspection. Further, the logbooks and other aircraft records were carefully examined for compliance with FAA regulations relating to Airworthiness Directives, damage and maintenance history, along with other required inspections. All aircraft records were presumed to be authentic, unaltered, and signatures and inspections therein by persons designated and appropriately licensed.  AD compliance was attested to by referencing the date of last Annual Inspection or other appropriate Inspection.

The fair market value for N213Y is based on the research stated in this report and historical sales data versus appraisal values.

A visual inspection and log book analysis was performed 02/09/2012 on the aircraft N213Y at: Frederick Municipal Airport, located in Frederick, Maryland.  It is the opinion of this appraiser that the fair market value of the above aircraft is: $24,548.00 USD

Click here for the full appraisal report.

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Click here for the Flymall Market Watch for the Rotax 912 UL engine.

Click here for more pictures of the appraised aircraft.

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Volkswagen 1 Litre Car

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

I have been following this car since it was first announced in 2001 or 2002.  And just this month (Feb 2012) Volkswagen has said that they will build a limited number in 2013.

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Click here for pictures

Click here for VWs earlier three wheeler car



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Today in Aviation History
January 18, 1911: Lt. Eugene Ely, USN, becomes the first person to successfully land an a/c on a ship when he lands his Curtiss plane on the deck of the armored cruiser Pennsylvania in San Francisco Bay after taking off from Camp Selfridge.