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Kraemer Aviation / Flymall June 2023 Wheels & Wings Newsletter

Wednesday, June 28th, 2023

Welcome to the Kraemer Aviation/ Wheels & Wings Newsletter. This month our theme is “What’s happening in Maryland this month”. We are covering wheels & wings in the great state of Maryland. And we have some other wheels & wings news that we’re covering as well. Its an interesting newsletter this month.

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Interested in living at an airport?  Visit our Aviation Real Estate page here. You can view price data for airport property in our Market Watch section of the Flymall. Here is the data for all airport property. You can refine the search by “state” simply by searching for the desired state under “Model”. We’ve added some features to our new real estate section. If you’re looking to purchase aviation real estate, you can use this form to tell us what you’re looking for. If you’re selling, you can use this form to tell us about your property.

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Aircraft sales seem to be on the rise. Last month we sold 2 aircraft, a Cessna 152 and a Beech Sierra. Here’s a picture of the seller and buyer of the Beech Sierra. Both parties were very happy with the sale. The Cessna 152 sold for a very high price of $45,000.00 USD.

History Trivia: On June 4 1783, history was made when the Montgolfier bothers, Joseph and Jacques made the first public demonstration of their dream: To fly! It took place in Annonay, France. Of the two brothers, it was Joseph who was first interested in aeronautics; as early as 1775 he built parachutes, and once jumped from the family house. He first contemplated building machines when he observed laundry drying over a fire incidentally form pockets that billowed upwards.  Joseph made his first definitive experiments in November 1782 while living in Avignon. He reported some years later that he was watching a fire one evening while contemplating one of the great military issues of the day—an assault on the fortress of Gibraltar, which had proved impregnable from both sea and land. Joseph mused on the possibility of an air assault using troops lifted by the same force that was lifting the embers from the fire. He believed that the smoke itself was the buoyant part and contained within it a special gas, which he called “Montgolfier Gas”, with a special property he called levity, which is why he preferred smoldering fuel.

If you enjoy history we have a new aviation history fact each day at the bottom of our webpages.  Some days there may be more than one, just refresh the page.  And if you like Beatles history, checkout our Events Calendar and select the Beatles category.  This is a work in progress, we’re building the most comprehensive calendar of important dates in Beatle history.  For those that like to stick with current news, we have an aviation news ticker on our home page.  This is updated daily to show the current aviation news.

Achievements & Special Recognition: This month we want to give some special recognition to Nir Levy and Carmel Haas. They competed in their first air race, the all women’s Air Race Classic. Kraemer Aviation is one of their sponsors. This is one of two teams that we sponsor for this race. Click here to help support them via their GoFundMe page. Here is a short writeup on the background of Nir & Carmel.

Below is Harry presenting Nir & Carmel with a check to get them started.

Harry was present to see them off for the start of the race. History was made, as this is the first Israeli team to compete in this race. Click here for more pictures of Team 6 departure from KGAI for the Air Race Classic.

Team 6 (Nir & Carmel) did excellent in their first air race. They came in 7th place out of 41 teams.

Instructors, what to highlight your students first solo or other achievement here?  Just send us a short write-up and a picture or two and we’ll post it here for you.  Click here for our contact info.

Aviation/Aviators in the news: Getting your private pilot certificate is a huge accomplishment. How about getting your private pilot certificate in a plane that you built? That is what Harry’s friend Laura did. Here’s her story in her own words: My name’s Laura and I’m currently in college at MNSU working on my commercial pilot certificate! I got into aviation in high school through our club, where I actually got to help build the plane that I got my private pilot’s license in. I originally was scared of flying (I never had been on an airplane, airline or otherwise), and just joined to help build the RV-12is. After some convincing from friends, I went up and ended up falling in love with it. The thing that helped me overcome my fear the most was having a deeper understanding of the airplane I was in. While in the club, I mainly focused on building the fuselage and the right wing. I joined my junior year. Covid slowed down the process a bit, as we had to stop meeting for a few months, and then there were also delays with the shipments of the kits. The plane was built by us students, with supervision from the club leader and a few parent volunteers. Last year I was attending Iowa State for aerospace engineering, but after not being able to fly for months, I realized I couldn’t live a life that didn’t involve flying frequently. This year I got my instrument rating, which was one of the hardest (but also one of the most fun) things I’ve ever done. As of now, I’m still not sure whether I want to do airlines or corporate aviation, but I know I’ll be happy as long as I’m in the sky. I would eventually like to join NOAA and their hurricane team. Flying has given me some of my closest friends and best memories, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store!

Here’s Laura while building the RV-12is.

The finished RV-12 with Laura.

Laura takes it to the skies.

The aviation section of the Flymall is full of aviation news, training info, and much more for the aviator.

Earlier this month, Pat & Harry’s friend, Laercio Saldaña passed his private pilot checkride. He worked very hard for this day.

Kraemer Aviation was one of the sponsors for the EAA Ford Trimotor visit to the Frederick Municipal Airport. On Thursday, June 15 a local Ford Model A club was present with some Model A Fords and some awesome photos. Click here for some more pictures from the Ford Model A (s) and the Ford Trimotor.

On Saturday, June 17, the local EAA chapter hosted a pancake breakfast at the airport for the sponsors and support team for the Ford Trimotor visit. Many thanks to them. Click here for a video highlighting the pancake breakfast.

On Saturday, Kraemer Aviation had a nice display setup with some promotional items and our 1928 Shelby Lindy and our 1886 Coventry Rotary Tandem. Click here for more pictures from Saturday with the Ford Trimotor.

Pat & Harry both got some right seat time in the Trimotor on Saturday. Click here for more pictures of Pat & Harry flying the Ford.

Harry’s flight in the Ford Trimotor makes 132 different type aircraft in his logbook that he has flown. This includes time in gliders, blimps, helicopters, jets, turboprops, seaplanes, and more.

Also on Saturday, Harry was busy giving rides on the Coventry Rotary Tandem. Click here for more pictures.

Sunday, June 18, the weather was perfect. Click here for more pictures from Sunday with the Ford Trimotor.

Sunday, Harry was busy giving rides on the Ural.

On Sunday, Harry’s friend Carlo had his Hatz biplane out. The Hatz Classic is an American homebuilt biplane, designed by Billy Dawson and produced by the Makelan Corporation of New Braunfels, Texas. The aircraft is supplied as a kit or, alternatively, in the form of plans for amateur construction.  A few years ago, Carlo’s Hatz won the Lindy award at Oshkosh. This aircraft is an absolute masterpiece. Carlo carefully crafted it from scratch. Except for the engine and a few other fittings, he fabricated every single part – including learning to stitch leather to make the seats.

Air show season is always just around the corner.  Want to travel to air shows in your own aircraft?  Visit our used aircraft page on the Flymall to view our inventory. Kraemer Aviation has sold 3 planes in the last two months. If you’re looking to sell, give us a call.

Car/Motorcycle Show News:   The Laytonsville Cruise In is the place to be on a Friday night in Montgomery County.  The Laytonsville Cruise In was started by Harry in 2010. It has become one of the most popular cruise ins in the area. You can follow Harry on Facebook for daily updates during the many shows and events he attends. Be sure to checkout the all new Laytonsville Cruise In page on the Flymall.

The Laytonsville Cruise In Award Night is the third Friday of the month from May to October.

Here is what we have for awards this year:
Debbie Grasso’s Choice Award
Flymall Choice Award
Mel Short Best Original Vehicle
TFR Choice Award
Best Of Show for the “Themed vehicle” – Debbie Roberts, MD/VA/DC/DE real estate expert
Judges Choice – Frederick Flight Center
Second Place (numerous) – Atco Tire of Laytonsville – Just Riding Along Bicycle Shop
First Place (numerous) – Dr. Bobby Mozafari / Integrated Sport, Spine & Rehab
Nina’s Choice
Best Classic by Blue Skies Aviation
Best Paint – Washington International Flight Academy
Best Engine – Maryland Auto Service
Best Sports Car – Great American Landscapes
Best Classic by Randy McPhillips / Trust Partners Insurance
Best Wheels – Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists / Joe Dale
Best Muscle Car – Black and White Kitchen and Bath
Best Custom – Andrew Hyman-BlazeCut Fire Suppression System
Best Corvette – Orthodyne Laboratories
Best Import – UPS Store Milestone
Best British Vehicle – DC Metro Aviation Services
Best German Vehicle – Café Sophie

And we have a new sponsor for this month:

AirLaercio LLC – King of Kool award

Judging will start at 6:30 PM. Vehicles must be registered BEFORE 6:30 PM.

Our Events Calendar has the most current info regarding local and national car shows, air shows, and more.  With nearly 30 categories, there is something for everyone.  The Day Tripper section of the Flymall has dozens of day trip ideas and interesting places to visit.  Check it out here.

Last month, the Flymall team attended the District Harley Davidson “Blessing of the Bikes”. The weather was perfect for a ride in our 1969 Russian Ural. Click here for more pictures from the event.

Earlier in June, the Flymall team was at the British Car Day held at Lilypons Water Gardens. Our 1975 Lomax 223 Roadster earned a third place award. In fact, it was in a tie with a 1953 Lister Jaguar for third place, so both vehicles earned the award. Pictured below is the Lister Jaguar (the white Jaguar in the picture). Click here for more pictures from the event.

Barn Finds/Hangar Finds:  Need an appraisal on your barn find?  Visit our Appraisal Page for information on our appraisals.  Earlier in June, Harry completed an appraisal on a WWII era AT-6 for a client in Hagerstown. Click here to review “North American” aircraft price information in the Market Watch section of the Flymall.

Visit our online store to search for hard to find car parts, aircraft parts, and much more.  You can pay online in our secure store, just click on the Store button on our home page.

How about a “barn find” of 6 Tesla Roadster cars sitting behind a Tesla store in Owings Mills, Maryland. Yes, 6 of them just sitting there. Click here for the story on

Visit the Test Drive section of the Flymall for reviews on automobiles, aircraft, motorcycles, and more. Read about it before you buy it.  You can also research price info on a wide variety of vehicles, collectibles, and more in the Market Watch section of the Flymall. 

If you’re restoring a fabric aircraft, Ira Walker of Walker Aviation is your resource.  Visit his page on the Flymall by clicking here

CFI / DPE Notes:  Visit Harry’s Practical Test page for information on his checkrides.  You will also find useful information there to help you prepare for your checkride.  You can also visit Harry’s Lesson Plan section of the Flymall for other flight training information.  Visit our Flight Training page for information on our aviation training classes.

Four years ago this month Harry passed the final checkride and all of the training to be designated a Designated Pilot Examiner. He has given about 400 practical test since then.

Weather in the news: The 2023 hurricane season started this month. Three named storms formed in June, tying the record for the most to develop in that month. Among them were tropical storms Bret and Cindy, which formed within a few days of each other, making this the first June in which two systems were active simultaneously since 1968.

Three Wheel Association (TWA):  Harry started the Three Wheel Association in 2013 to promote/support the industry of three wheel vehicles of all types. Visit the Three Wheel Association page on the Flymall for more info on the association. Within a the next few months, we will have our new site ready.

Here is a cool motorcycle with sidecar taxi photographed on the streets of Baltimore Maryland in 1925.

Want a reproduction vintage 3 wheeler.  Walker Aviation can scratch built from pictures or drawings.  Visit his page on the Flymall.  

Prototypes: Not exactly a prototype, however it is a rare and unusual car that was made in Maryland. Sinclair Scott Company, built a car called the Maryland. It was built at their factory at the corner of Wells and Patapsco streets in Baltimore. It had a reputation for being the “solidest of the extra solid cars” of its day. Henry Ford was so impressed with the Maryland when he saw it at the Baltimore Auto Show in 1906 that he asked its maker, John and Edwin Rife, to merge their Baltimore plant with his. This did not happen. The Maryland was made from 1907 to 1910.

Sinclair-Scott was a maker of food canning machinery and in the early 1900s started to make car parts. One of their customers, Ariel, failed to pay, so to make amends, Sinclair-Scott took over production of the Ariel, moved the factory to Baltimore, and marketed the car as the Maryland. Pictured here is an Ariel which is identical to the Maryland.

Nautical Notes: It is a surprise to many that Ford actually built planes such as the Ford Trimotor that we wrote about above in this month’s newsletter. In the early 1920s, Henry Ford, along with a group of 19 others including his son Edsel, invested in the Stout Metal Airplane Company. Stout was working on a single-engined “Stout monoplane”. In 1925, Ford bought Stout and its aircraft designs. The single-engined Stout monoplane was turned into a trimotor and eventually the Ford Trimotor. And you may also be surprised to learn that Ford also built boats. Ford Motor Company accepted a government contract to build “Eagle Boats” and began production at its partially developed industrial complex along the Rouge River in 1918. By late 1919, Ford had completed 60 Eagle Boats for the U.S. Navy. The Eagle-class patrol craft were anti-submarine vessels. They were steel-hulled ships smaller than contemporary destroyers but having a greater operational radius than the wooden-hulled, 110-foot submarine chasers developed in 1917.  Pictured here is a Ford built Eagle boat.

Riding The Rails: Baltimore Maryland is also home for the B&O Railroad Museum. This museum has the largest collection of 19th-century locomotives in the states.

Native American Indian Transportation: During the 1660s, due to conflict among the native nations in the west, a large number of Shawnee bands emigrated south and east from their homes in what is now Illinois. Most fled into Kentucky, but one band, the Youghiogheny, traveled further, and settled in western Maryland in what later became Garrett County. They were also known as the  Youghiogheny River Indians and/or the Monongahela Indians. One of their modes of transportation was likely a dugout canoe like shown here.

Animals in the headlines: Jett Kraemer turned 10 years old this month.

Jett sharing some ice cream on her birthday.

We close this newsletter with these words: Demand excellence and be willing to work for it.

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