Harry Kraemer

Hi, I'm Harry Kraemer!
I have been flying since 1983. I have flown over 110 different types of aircraft including The Goodyear Blimp, gliders, helicopters, ultra-lights, seaplanes, and jets. I've flown 2 different types of WWII bombers - the B17 and the B24, as well as numerous other WWII fighter and trainer aircraft. My total flight time is over 10,000, with over 6,500 hours as a flight instructor (CFI since 1989).

Practical Test

Click here for the Applicant Information Form. This form works best on a Windows based PC. Please email this form to harry@flymall.org and Chrissie@flymall.org and in the email include your name as it appears on your pilot certificate and your pilot certificate number as well as your instructor's full name and flight Instructor certificate number. Also in the email include your IACRA Application ID number and/or a copy of your knowledge test report.

Practical Test Fees

  • Sport Pilot: $650.00
  • Private: $650.00
  • Instrument Rating: $675.00
  • Commercial: $700.00
  • CFI: $850.00 (Pending FAA Approval)
  • Multi-engine Add On: $650.00 (Pending FAA Approval)
  • Seaplane Add On: $650.00 (Pending FAA approval)
  • Re-test, Discontinuation: $350.00 (If Applicable)

Practical Test Checklist

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Sport Pilot Practical Test

Private Pilot Practical Test

Instrument Rating Practical Test

Commercial Pilot Practical Test

Flight Instructor Initial Practical Test

Multi-engine Add On Practical Test

Seaplane Add On

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