Accident Investigation

Since the early 1980s Harry has worked with the FAA, NTSB, as well as with numerous insurance companies and attorneys investigating aircraft accidents.

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Aerial Photography

We operate a variety of aircraft from pistons to turboprops that can handle all of your aerial photography needs.

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Aircraft Management

We are happy to help set up or assist with the following management arrangements:

  • Charter Agreements
  • Leasebacks

We work with several, well established Part 135 operators that are always looking for additional aircraft. If you are in the market to purchase an aircraft, we can assist you in selecting a management company.

Click here to contact a Charter Operator.

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Avionics Consultation

As a contributing editor of Avionics Magazine, Harry has experienced the "Glass Panel" revolution since the beginning. Flying the modern day systems before the public knew about them. He added insights and gave valuable feedback to the manufacturers as the modern cockpits developed.

We can provide you with avionics reviews / pilot reports to help you choose the correct avionics for your aircraft.

Our virtual showroom can come to you and allow you to demo various systems through our PC based simulators before you buy.

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Certification Packages

We can assist with the following:

  • Part 135 Certifications
  • Part 141 Certifications
  • Part 145 Certifications
  • Simulator Certifications
  • Airport Certification Manuals

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Click on the ProJet logo below to request a quote for Charter.


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Expert Witness Services

Since the 1980s Harry has served as an expert witness on cases involving general aviation accidents, airport operations and zoning, and Air Carrier (Part 121 operations).

We attend industry seminars and stay up-to-date with changing regulations and certification requirements.

Pricing Information - $200 per hour

Click here to review our Retainer Agreement - Provided as an illustration for prospective clients only. Not to be relied on for any other purpose.

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Logbook Reconstruction

Lost logbooks? Personal or aircraft logs, our team can help. We use FAA recommended procedures as outlined in FAA Order 8700.1 (The General Aviation Operation Inspectors Handbook).

Aircraft appraisers state that an aircraft's logbooks account for 30% of the total value of an aircraft. In other words, if you lose you aircraft's logbooks, take 30% of off the resale value.

We at Kraemer Aviation Services are pleased to offer digital copies (scanned) of aircraft and pilot logbooks at reasonable prices. Just send us paper copies of your logbooks and we'll scan them, put them on a CD, and send the complete package back to you.

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Maintenance & Avionics

Kraemer Aviation Services works closely with Landmark FBO at KFDK, a FAA Certificated Repair Station, for maintenance and avionics.

Click on the Landmark logo below to visit their site.

Landmark Aviation 

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Online Logbooks

Coming Soon! Subscribers will be able to access their aircraft's log-books online.

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Training Programs & Manuals

We provide professionally developed, custom training programs and manuals for aircraft training, avionics training, and Part 141 & 135 training.

Past customers include:

  • Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association (COPA)
  • Penn State University
  • Aviation Training Management, LLC
  • Gleim Publications

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Pilot Services

We offer the following Pilot Services:

  • Pilatus
    • PC12
  • Piper
    • Malibu
    • PA- Series
  • Cessna
    • SEL and most light twins

Pilot services daily rate - $375 + expenses.

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