Flight Instructor Practical Test

Flight Instructor Practical Test


Flight Instructor Practical Test

Here are my guidelines/questions that most FSDOs/FAA Inspectors will ask before they allow you in their office or meet/fly with you. This is due to the Coronavirus of 2020:
“When was the applicant last out of the country?”
“When was the applicant last in contact with any person that has been out of the United States recently (since January 1, 2020)?”
“When were classrooms, briefing rooms, common areas that we would be utilizing last disinfected/sanitized?”
“When was the aircraft last cleaned for the purpose of disinfection and sanitization? How was that completed?”

Both the examiner and the applicant will wear some type of mask during the entire test.

If you are an applicant at a school that has had one or more students test positive, here are the guidelines for a practical test with Harry:
Classroom table must be cleaned with Clorox or alcohol prior to the test.
Mask will be worn at all times.
Hands must be cleaned with hand sanitizer.
Applicant will use their own computer to sign the IACRA application.
Aircraft controls and all knobs, switches, and buttons must be cleaned with Clorox or alcohol before the flight.
Applicant must provide a Covid test report (test must have been within 7 days of the practical test) showing negative results.

Harry has had the antibody test (July 21 2020) and the nasal swab test (July 23 2020). The antibody test was negative as of July 22 2020.

April 2020 Price Increase is $1,000.00 USD

Plan on about a 7 hour oral exam and about 1.5 hours for the flight portion.

The FAA no longer requires applicants for a flight instructor certificate with an airplane single-engine rating to provide a complex airplane for the practical test. Click here for more info

Flight Instructor Plan Of Action Template

Pretest Briefing

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Have the applicant bring a paper copy of the 8710 form signed by his/her instructor. For a practical test inside the 24 hour notification window, it is ok to do the test - the FAA will approve it when they have time. As the DPE you will not be able to do the post activity report until the FAA approves the test.
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