Debbie Grasso’s Love Affair With A White Corvette

My love for Corvettes started at the tender age of 4. I remember standing behind the driver’s seat as my dad was driving with my arm holding on to his neck pointing out the corvettes as they went by. “Look at that sporty car”’ I would squeal, “I want one of those”!

I quickly decided my car would be white on the outside and red inside. I wanted two doors and 4 wheels and windows, a steering wheel and radio.

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I would repeat this to my dad constantly over the years, he would suggest other colors and I would say no.

When I was 21 I came home from work one day and my parents were in the living room waiting for me. They wanted to talk.

“We want you to buy a new car to establish credit”. I said, “Oh no”!! “Everyone at work is constantly complaining about car payments and house payments. I am not interested in that”!

My dad said, “Debbie, look me in the eye. It is time to buy a car”. He had to say this to me several times until I finally got in gear!!

“Oh, its time to buy my Corvette”! As I was jumping up and down!!

Dad was jumping up and down  to!

My Mom was not thinking Corvette, but she got out voted!

My dad spent several days calling all the Chevy dealers to make a deal. They were constantly calling him back, he loved making a deal.

We went and ordered it and were told it would be 16 weeks until it would arrive. WHAT?

I cried when we went to pick it up. I started crying as I was driving her home. I asked my dad to drive, he was so happy to take over, I thought I would never get the car back! He loved that car to!

Over the years I saw many body styles and headlight styles, hard and soft top, wheel styles and windows and paint colors.

I believe this car was made for me, the perfect shape and style, I wouldn’t change a thing and I haven’t.

So, the secret behind the White with the Red is, when mixed together they make Pink which has always been my favorite color.

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