Flymall / Kraemer Aviation May 2017 Newsletter

Written on May 29, 2017 at 12:18 pm, by hkraemer

Welcome to our May 2017 Wheels & Wings Newsletter.  Visit for all of your wheels & wings needs including show info, sales, service, appraisals, and more.

The Flymall team was at the British & European Classic Motorcycle Day 2017.  We had our 1975 Lomax in the show.  The Lomax received a finalist ribbon award however it did not place in its class.  Since we have been showing the Lomax (since 2009) it has won 38 awards (18 of them first place).  Click here for Harry’s pictures and video from the show.

Here are Pat and Jett at the show with the Lomax.


Click here for Harry’s Facebook video of an inline flathead Henderson motorcycle engine running at the show.

Pictured below is Harry and the Lomax leaving the show.



Harry is always on the lookout for interesting pictures of aircraft and other vehicles. Here is a Facebook find.  I think this is a Beechcraft.


Pat and several local members of the Ninety Nines attended a section meeting in Delaware on April 22 & April 23.

The weather on the flight to the meeting was IFR (see picture below).  The IFR weather required an instrument approach in to Delaware Airpark.


Pictured below are Veronika, Pat, Debi, and Linda at the section meeting.


They had VFR weather on the return flight to KGAI.



Here is some historical aviation  news as well as historical Baltimore (Harry’s hometown) news.  In 1976 a guy landed a Piper Cherokee in Baltimore’s Memorial StadiumClick here for the story from the Baltimore Sun.


One of Harry’s flight students from the early 1990s has part of the tail section of this aircraft.

Harry’s student Francesca made the front page of her school newspaper this month.  Francesca was interviewed about her flying lessons at the Washington International Flight Academy and her career choice as a military fighter pilot. Great job Francesca!  Francesca also received a scholarship from her high school. She will put the money towards her flight training.  Click here to see the article – scroll down to where it says “Latest Print Issue”.

Sometimes you see something and just have to think why???  He is an eBay find.  A Jaguar with a rear mounted GM engine.  Why???



Here is a project that I have been working on since last fall. One of my clients had an old Hawker jet that was not airworthy. It was not worth the money to get it airworthy again. I was able to sell the engines and we donated the aircraft to the Cambridge Airport to be put on display with a picnic area around it. My company is paying for the picnic tables to be put around it. Here is the aircraft in the display area. The tables should be in place soon. The next time you are in Cambridge Maryland stop in and enjoy lunch on one of the picnic tables we donated.





Harry was asked to have one of his vintage 3 wheelers in the Laytonsville Parade.  He decided to enter his 1940s pedicab/rickshaw (from Taiwan) in it.  Click here for Harry’s pictures from the parade. If you are interested in 3 wheel vehicles visit Harry’s Three Wheel Association page.  Information on joining the Three Wheel Association will be posted soon.


Here is a YouTube video of Harry in the parade with the pedicab.



On Sunday June 4 we will be at The Original British Car Day with one of our 3 wheelers.

Flying is important to the Flymall team.  We fly general aviation aircraft almost every day.



Later in June Pat Kraemer  will be flying in the Women’s Air Race Classic.  The race is a 2400 mile race across the United States.  We will be posting updates on our Facebook page as well as in our newsletter section of the Flymall.



Want to know where the Flymall team will be next? Visit our appearance calendar by clicking here.  Want to find events (car shows, air shows, county fairs, etc) in your area?  Visit our events calendar by clicking here.  For other activities visit Harry’s Day Tripper page by clicking here.  Harry will usually have a few of his vintage three wheelers at the Laytonsville Cruise In held every Friday in Laytonsville. Click here for more info on local cruise ins.

Since Harry is known as the turtle man/expert, he is always alerted when there is a stray turtle (especially at an airport). Here is a snapping turtle walking across the ramp at KGAI.


Harry has 5 large turtle habitats on his property where he takes in unwanted turtles. He has 16 different species from all over the world.  Pictured below is Harry with his African Sulcata tortoise.


Harry plans to start a not-for-profit organization to help care for his turtles.  Visit Harry’s turtle page for more info.


We close this newsletter with a quote from Paul McCartney: And, in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. 

This is also the last verse in the last song (The End) on the last Beatle album.

The End” is a song by the Beatles composed by Paul McCartney (credited to Lennon–McCartney) for the album Abbey Road. It was the last song recorded collectively by all four Beatles, and is the final song of the medley that constitutes the majority of side two of the album.


Flymall April 2017 Newsletter

Written on April 30, 2017 at 8:35 am, by hkraemer

Welcome to our April 2017 Newsletter.

We have a very nice Cessna 182 for sale. Click here for details.

Lot’s of women aviators in the news this month.

We start with one of Harry’s students, Francesca D.  Harry arranged for a friend to take her flying in his 1930’s Davis open cockpit aircraft at W73.


This picture says it all. This was taken just after she landed. Needless to say she had a great time.



Click here for Harry’s Flickr set with all of the pictures and video from the day with Francesca at the Mid Atlantic Soaring Center.

Here is Harry’s YouTube video with all of the pictures and video from the day at the Mid Atlantic Soaring Center.

Our next female aviator in the news is Lin Caywood.

Sugarloaf member Lin Caywood giving back to the community one flight at a time…

Volunteer Pilot Malinda Caywood also helped our PAL, patient Ronnie get to treatment from his home in North Carolina to Cancer Treatment Center of America. It sometimes take more than one leg to get from point A to point B and we are grateful for her!

Thanks Malinda!

Harry sold Lin this wonderful Cessna 182 pictured below.  This was the last plane Harry sold as a Cessna dealer.



A Facebook find. Imagine waking up in the morning to find a Rolls Royce in your pool.



Harry is always on the lookout for rare and unusual vehicles (especially 3 wheelers). Here is a Facebook find.  A very rare Lamborghini 1C roadable crawler. It has 3 wheels plus tracks.


More women aviators in the news.  Congratulations to Sugarloaf member Brenda Tibbs ! Brenda is the recipient of an Amelia Earhart Scholarship!!!!!


Brenda was also named AOPA’s best flight instructor. Brenda is the owner of Bravo Aviation based at the Frederick Municipal Airport.  Harry is a long time friend of Brenda and he has helped her and her customers over the years.  Glad to see that she is doing great in her new business.




The Flymall team was at the annual Antique Tractor and Steam Engine Show in Derwood Maryland.  Harry has done a few appraisals on some of the vehicles (classic cars & antique tractors) in the show.  Click here for information on our appraisals. 

All data from Harry’s appraisals is entered into the Market Watch section of our site. This is a searchable database designed by Harry.  Posted here is actual sale prices, appraised values, asking price, etc. The database is searchable by any combination of Make, Model, and Year.

To view examples of appraisals that Harry has done, visit our newsletter section and search for appraisal. A few examples are posted here as well.

Classic car appraisal

Aircraft appraisal

To see what shows the Flymall team will be attending visit Harry’s class schedule & appearance calendar by clicking here.

Here is Harry’s YouTube video highlighting the Antique Tractor and Steam Engine Show.

Click here for Harry’s Flickr set of pictures and videos from the show.

Enjoy these pictures of a thunderstorm near KGAI on April 21 2017. Pictures taken by WIFA’s flight instructor Veronika,








Harry has been invited to participate in the Laytonsville parade.  We hope to have at least one of our vintage 3 wheelers in the parade.  You can visit Harry’s appearance calendar by clicking here to see where the Flymall team will be next.


You can subscribe to our newsletter via our website where it says sign up for our newsletter.  You will then get our newsletter automatically each month.


Instrument Checkride April 2017 KTHV

Written on April 30, 2017 at 8:11 am, by hkraemer


Asked about basic instrument knowledge, started from the ACS. Such as

  • Minimum fuel required
  • Minimum equipment
  • Currency vs. Proficiency
  • Lost Comms
  • Accepting clearance and comply

He also asked these questions from a scenario perspective instead of directly.

For example, minimum takeoff in IMC for part 91 None, so instead show your personal minimums.

“If weather is below instrument approach minimums at the airport I am taking off from, I won’t go. “


The Oral was relaxed. He also taught me somethings.

Not many G1000 questions. Mostly questions about pitot-static system, instruments. Vacuum system, Icing.



ILS 08 KCXY. Missed: L 290, 3,000ft, then Direct HAR

VOR-A N94, Procedure turn at HAR VOR, then start approach.

RNAV 17 KTHV – with the procedure turn

Flymall / Kraemer Aviation March Newsletter 2017

Written on March 30, 2017 at 7:08 pm, by hkraemer

Welcome to the Kraemer Aviation/Flymall March 2017 Newsletter.

Are you interested in car shows, airshows, etc? Visit Harry’s event calendar for 100s of local and national events.  You can have the calendar email you a reminder about an event that you are interested in. The calendar has over 25 categories. You can view all categories or just the one that you are interested in.

I recently saw something in a METAR that I had to look up – Graupel.


Also called soft hail or snow pellets, is precipitation that forms when supercooled droplets of water are collected and freeze on falling snowflakes, forming 2–5 mm (0.08–0.20 in) balls of rime. The term graupel comes from the German language.

Graupel is distinct from hail, small hail and ice pellets: The World Meteorological Organization defines small hail as snow pellets encapsulated by ice, a precipitation halfway between graupel and hail. The METAR code for graupel is GS.


Here is something interesting that made the rounds on Facebook a few weeks ago. Circular Runways!  What are your thoughts? You can leave your comments below.

Harry has been invited to participate in the Laytonsville parade.  We hope to have at least one of our vintage 3 wheelers in the parade.  You can visit Harry’s appearance calendar by clicking here to see where the Flymall team will be next.

The Yamaha OX99-11. three beautiful prototypes were built.  How many knew that Yamaha made a car?


The Montgomery County Airport will have it’s annual open house Saturday September 9, 2017, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  Check our events calendar for more details.

Enjoy this picture by Brenda of Bravo Flight Training. This was taken over the skies of Frederick Maryland. We thank Brenda for letting us use her picture.




Here is an interesting motorcycle seen on Facebook. A Prop-driven Thor ‘pacer bike’ with Henderson 4-cylinder engine




Let’s go back in time.  Look at the car prices in this ad from the News Post (a Baltimore Maryland newspaper) September 1961.


News Post Sept 18 1961

Need an appraisal on an aircraft, visit our appraisal page for information on our appraisals. Pictured here are a few of the warbirds that we have appraised for clients and museums around the world. They are an A7 Corsair, Curtiss P-40 Warhawk, Bac Jet Provost P84 T3A (Provost T3), and a Vietnam era Huey. Our appraisal page is at and click on the appraisal link at the top of the page.  Sometimes Harry gets to fly the aircraft he appraises!


Thanks for reading. Be sure to checkout our April 2017 Newsletter coming soon.  If you want to find an old post in our newsletter section you can search it by using the search box.  Just search for a key word.


Here is a cute YouTube video for my pilot friends.


Flymall February 2017 Newsletter

Written on February 28, 2017 at 11:06 am, by hkraemer

Welcome to the Flymall / Kraemer Aviation February 2017 Newsletter.

Good news for the Washington International Flight Academy. About 4 or 5 years in the works. Harry has worked on this project for about a year and a half and today Harry received notice that the school is now approved to issue student visas for international students.

Ariel and Harry attended the student orientation for the winter semester for the aviation students at Catonsville Community College (degree program). Here are a few pictures from the event.









CCBC Fly In Sunday 4/29 –  Bay Bridge Airport 11:00 AM arrival at W-29. The college will host a fly-out to the Bay Bridge Airport on April 29 2017. All are welcome to attend. Depart at 9:00AM, return at 2:00PM

Airshow and car show season is juts around the corner.  Visit our events calendar for up to date info on local car shows and other events.  With over 25 categories, there is something for everyone. Click here for our events calendar.

January 2017 wasn’t a good month for flying little airplanes in Maryland. We canceled more flights then we flew.

Here is a look back to January 2016 in Maryland – snow covered.  Click here for more pictures from the blizzard of 2016.



Harry helped another client purchase an aircraft. This was is based at KGAI.  The client just purchased a share of this aircraft.  Dubbed the McDonalds aircraft.



WIFA at shooting range. Several WIFA employees and students attended a shooting range in VA.    Here are a few pictures from the event.






More progress on the Hawker Jet display at Cambridge Airport.  In our December 2016 newsletter we mentioned that we were working on a deal to have a Hawker 400 aircraft on display with picnic tables around it. This month we are happy to say that things are moving forward. Kraemer Aviation / Flymall with be donating some of the picnic tables for the project.

A shot of the Susquehanna River taken from a moving vehicle taken a few weeks ago while we were driving to PA to pickup another 3 wheel vehicle.


Know your pilots… Here something from Harry’s collection of aviation humor – Know your pilots.   Visit Harry’s Aviation humor page for more post like this.

Is it an engine or a motor??? Whether we drive a car or fly an aircraft, they are powered by a gas engine. But is it an engine or a motor?  Click here to read Harry’s post on the topic.

While on the topic. A hoverbike.


Buying or selling a vehicle and need pricing information, visit our Market Watch section of the Flymall.  Harry tracks all types of vehicles: classic/collector cars, motorcycles, ATVs, tractors, aircraft, and much more.  This is an online database, easy to use, and smart phone friendly.

Private Pilot Checkride Feb 1 2017

Written on February 9, 2017 at 3:08 pm, by hkraemer

Private pilot checkride at KTHV Feb 1 2017.

First we began the checkride with the oral portion of the exam. The oral exam included questions on what checks need to be done on the aircraft and how often they need to be checked. Next he asked me about the weather minimums for different airspace. After that we went over what needs to be onboard the aircraft before flight and who is responsible for keeping these things current. Last we went over weight and balance and what is possible when weight and balance are outside of the proper limits.

The flight portion started with landings. We did a soft-field landing and then two short field landings. After that we departed the pattern to go on a flight to Hanover. Once the cross country part was completed we did maneuvers. We did stalls, steep turns, turns about a point, and last we ended with s turns a cross a rode. We then returned to KTHV.

Know Your Pilots

Written on January 24, 2017 at 2:07 pm, by hkraemer

Know Your Pilots

The AIRLINE TRANSPORT PILOT leaps tall buildings in a single bound, is more powerful than a 747, is faster than a speeding bullet, walls on water and gives policy to God.

The MULTI-ENGINE PILOT leaps short buildings in a single bound, is more powerful than a 707, and is just as fast as a speeding bullet, walks on water if it is calm and talks to God.

The INSTRUMENT PILOT leaps short buildings with a running start and favorable wind conditions. He is almost as powerful as a Learjet, faster than a speeding bullet, walks on water of an indoor pool and talks to God if special requests are approved.

The COMMERCIAL PILOT barely clears a Quonset hut, loses tug-of-war with Twin Engine aircraft, can fire a speeding bullet, swims well and is occasionally addressed by God.

The PRIVATE PILOT makes high ranks when trying to leap buildings, is run over by Piper Arrows and sometimes handles an airplane without inflicting self-injury, can dog-paddle and talks to animals.

The NON-SOLOED STUDENT PILOT falls over the door sill when trying to enter buildings, says “look at the airplane,” wets himself with a water pistol and mumbles to himself.


The CERTIFIED FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR lifts buildings and walks under them, kicks airplanes out of the hangar, catches speeding bullets with his teeth and chews them, and freezes water with a single glance. The CFI IS GOD.

Flymall January Newsletter 2017

Written on January 21, 2017 at 8:47 am, by hkraemer

Welcome to our January 2017 newsletter.

For our students and renters at the Washington International Flight Academy Harry has created a Facebook page just to share flights, time build together, etc.  It can be found at Click here for the page.

Several pilots have ask Harry for recommendations on where to go to get their seaplane rating – Jack Brown’s Seaplane Base in Winter Haven Florida is the place to go. Click here for Harry’s post from his visit there.

Pilots here one for you. This fuel sample was taken from a Cessna 172 today. It was from the wing sumps. Both tanks were almost full. Both sides had this in the fuel. If you look closely you will see a small layer of something at the top of the fuel. It was not greasy and it was separate from the fuel. The more we sumped the tanks the less of this layer we had at the top. I used the same fuel cup for another aircraft and we did not see this layer at the top. I should also mention that we could not get the aircraft started. It would crank however it seemed as if there was no spark.



A few months ago Pat Kraemer and a student (Uma – pictured below) hit a goose just 400 foot in the air after take-off.  Part of the goose and windscreen came in and hit the student. They had to continue and fly the entire pattern with part of the windscreen missing.  Both did a great job.  As a Christmas gift and birthday present for the student we had the plaque below made for her.  On the plaque is the part of the windscreen that came in and hit her.







Here is something interesting:


I recently nominated someone for the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award. It took about 5 months for the FAA to do the research and verify that the person should receive the award. He finally received the award. Here is Lu Rudel receiving the award.

Click here for more pictures from the award ceremony.

WIFA had their annual Christmas party Dec 29 2016.  A good time was had by all that attended.  See the link below for more pictures from the event.



Click here for more pictures from the event.

Here is what I call being resourceful!


Great news!  The Washington International Flight Academy is getting closer to being able to issue M1 visas to international flight students.

With winter in full swing we can only dream about being in a place like this.



Harry purchased another rare three wheel vehicle for his collection, a 1984 Honda Gyro.  Pat and Veronika rented a van and drove to Tennessee to pick it up.  Here are a few pictures from their trip.  They were able to visit the Grand Ole Opry.





More news… Pat and Veronika also attended the Women’s March on Washington on Jan 21. Here are a few pictures from the event.







Harry’s student Francesca (pictured below) recently attended a fly-out with some of the local 99s. They went to the Flying Machine Café at the Chester County Airport.



Enjoy these sunrise and sunset pictures from Veronika.








Flymall / Kraemer Aviation December 2016 Newsletter

Written on December 9, 2016 at 10:59 am, by hkraemer

Welcome to our December 2016 newsletter.


Our own Pat Kraemer celebrated a birthday last month (Nov 7).  Happy birthday Pat. Here’s a picture of Pat at Julliano’s Brick Oven Pizza with one of her many birthday cakes she received.

14915425_1622467424446128_2347261681214534572_n is a one stop shop for all things wheels and wings.

Here is a very short landing by a stol aircraft. There is 0 ground roll. Click here for the video.

Harry is working with one of his clients to donate their 1969 Hawker Siddeley HS.125 400 A (similar to the aircraft pictured here) to the Cambridge-Dorchester Regional Airport. It will be on permanent display as part of a new picnic area built just for the aircraft. It will be very cool to go there and see it knowing we had a part of it.


We have some interesting news on the “wheels” side.  A 1938 Packard, immediately after winning its class at the Hilton Head Concours d’Elegance, rolled into a golf course pond and sank.  Several bystanders tried to stop the car when they noticed it rolling down the hill toward the pond, but the combination of dress shoes and 5,000+ lbs of concours-grade Packard proved too much, and the big, elegant, mist-gray car slid elegantly into the pond, submerging almost completely with quiet dignity. Scuba divers had to be sent in the pond to attach tow cables to the vehicle to pull it out of the pond.


More interesting automotive news… Here is a picture of the first car designed by Ferdinand Porsche. The Egger-Lohner vehicle (also referred to as the C.2 Phaeton).  First unveiled in Vienna, Austria, on 26 June 1898, Porsche had engraved the code “P1” (standing for Porsche, number one, signifying Ferdinand Porsche’s first design) onto all the key components.

first porsche

For more info on Ferdinand Porsche and this vehicle click here.

Here is something spotted on Facebook (posted here just for laughs):  How would I go about turning my 4 stroke 125 into a 2 stroke?  I heard 2 strokes are faster.  Does anyone know how to take strokes out of my engine? Is a stroke some sort of restrictor?

We  have a very nice EAA biplane for sale.  Click here for details on the biplane.  Our biplane would look good in your hangar next to your jet.


With Christmas coming here are a few ‘Twas the night before Christmas” aviator’s style. Click here for a few variations on Twas the night before Christmas.

Last month we received some good news about one of the employees at the Washington International Flight Academy. Francesca was accepted to EmbryRiddle Aeronautical University.  Here she is pictured next to a DC3.  Francesca plans to join the Air Force and be a career military pilot.


More good news about a WIFA employee – Ido (an instructor just since October 2015) has an amazing record with 25 signoffs (for checkrides) and all 25 have passed on the first test. Congratulations to Ido for 25 out of 25 in just over a year.

And yet another significant accomplishment by a WIFA employee: Ariel passed the FOI (Fundamentals of Instructing) knowledge test. Ariel is on her way to becoming a ground instructor at WIFA. She will also be working on her private pilot certificate soon.

Something interesting I found online regarding an SR71 pilot:

I’ll always remember a certain radio exchange that occurred one day as Walt (my back-seater) and I were screaming across Southern
California 13 miles high. We were monitoring various radio transmissions from other aircraft as we entered Los Angeles airspace.

Though they didn’t really control us, they did monitor our movement across their scope. I heard a Cessna ask for a readout of its ground

“90 knots” Center replied.

Moments later, a Twin Beech required the same.

“120 knots,” Center answered.

We weren’t the only ones proud of our ground speed that day…as almost instantly an F-18 smugly transmitted, “Ah, Center, Dusty 52
requests ground speed readout.”

There was a slight pause, then the response, “525 knots on the ground, Dusty.”

Another silent pause. As I was thinking to myself how ripe a situation this was, I heard a familiar click of a radio transmission coming from my back-seater. It was at that precise moment I realized Walt and I had become a real crew, for we were both thinking in unison.

“Center, Aspen 20, you got a ground speed readout for us?”

There was a longer than normal pause … “Aspen, I show 1,742 knots.”

“No further inquiries were heard on that frequency.”

Brian Shul, “Sled Driver”


On December 17 we will celebrate the anniversary of the Wright Brothers first powered flight.  Click here for more information on that historic flight.


GI Bill VA Benefits Transferring a student

Written on November 4, 2016 at 11:20 am, by hkraemer

To transfer a student from one school to another:

Your student will need to complete a change of training/station form called a 22-1905. 


This form is to update the VA that your training establishment is his home school/training establishment.This form is not something that you have to provide and the student should be able to take care of by contacting the VA.  


Once the VA processes the 22-1905, they will send the student an updated Certificate of Eligibility with your institution listed as the home school and the student’s remaining benefits. 


The student should provide you this updated copy of their certificate of eligibility once they receive it. Please keep this document in your file for the student. 


You should also have the student submit any prior training in order to make sure the student is not duplicating any training with your training establishment. The VA will not pay for duplicate training already earned. 


The certification process is the same as a student originally starting out with you, once you are updated as the student’s home school/training establishment. 


Today in Aviation History
June 24, 1949: The first flight of the Douglas Super DC-3, a derivative of the original DC-3, took place.