Rex Bicycle

Rex Bicycle


This antique Rex bicycle is part of the collection of Harry Kraemer's vintage three wheelers.

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The third wheel has the original rubber vulcanized over canvas type tire.

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Equipment Specifications
ManufacturerThe Rex Cycle Company of Chicago, Illinois
Detailed Information
Detailed Description
The Rex Cycle Company of Chicago, Illinois manufactured this three-wheel bicycle in 1898. The bicycle was designed by Bohn C. Hicks, who obtained three patents on this type of machine (patents, 557,387, 557388 and 561710) in 1896. The unusual construction of the Rex cycle resulted from Hicks' efforts to produce a machine "particularly adapted to absorb or minimize the shocks incident to riding over obstructions." The seat was mounted on a tube attached to pivot points on the front wheel and the rear third wheel, a design to allow the wheels to undulate over bumps with minimal jostling to the rider.
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