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Welcome to the August 2019 newsletter.

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History Trivia:  August 14, 1935: Will Rogers and Wiley Post were killed in a takeoff crash near Point Barrow, Alaska.  Did you know that we have a new aviation history fact each day at the bottom of our web pages?  On some days, we have more than one, simply refresh your web browser to see if we have more than one fact.   See

Achievements & Special Recognition:  Pat’s student Noah passed his Private Pilot Checkride earlier this month.  Congratulations.  It was in June of 2018 that Noah did his first solo.  Click here for our June 2018 Newsletter highlighting his first solo. 

Aviation/Aviators in the news:  Honda is now in the aviation business.  Introducing the Honda Jet!!  Enjoy!!!

On a sadder note, Captain Al Haynes of United Airlines Flight 232 passed away earlier this month.

Car/Motorcycle Show News:  The Laytonsville Cruise In has gain popularity this year with Harry’s Award Night.  Visit the Laytonsville Cruise In page on the Flymall Wheels & Wings page.  You can also find the cruise in on Facebook under Laytonsville Cruise In.

Visit our Events Calendar for more local and national events.  You can also visit the Day Tripper section of the Flymall for interesting places to visit.

More sad news for this month.  The fastest woman on 4 wheels, Jessi Combs was killed earlier this month while attempting to break her own land speed record.   She was driving a 52,000 horsepower jet-powered car.  Jessi was a well known racer, fabricator, and television personality.

Barn Finds/Hangar Finds:  We have a Jaguar garage find this month.  Harry is brokering a classic Jaguar for a client.  Click here for more information.

Check out the Tech Tips section of the Flymall for help in restoring your barn find or hangar find.  You can also visit the Test Drive section of the Flymall for reviews on cars, motorcycles, aircraft, and more.

Contact us if you need an appraisal on your barn find.  Click here for more information on our appraisals.

CFI / DPE Notes:  Harry is in to his second full month as a Designated Pilot Examiner and has conducted dozens of checkrides.  Here is Harry with one of his checkride applicants.  Visit Harry’s Practical Test page for information on his checkrides.

Weather in the news: Hurricane Dorian was making the news in late August 2019. 

Three Wheel Association (TWA):  Here is a recent purchase by Harry for the TWA museum.  This is a 3 wheeled wheelchair possibly from the 1850s or 1860s.  For information on this vehicle and others in the collection click here.

Meet Bertha Benz, the first “driver”.  The first “driver” was a driver of a three wheeler.

Click here for more information on the Three Wheel Association.

Prototypes:  For this month we have the XP-897 GT-2-Rotor Corvette.  It looks like a cross between a Corvette, A Mazda, and a Ferrari. 

Animals in the headlines: Our wolf/Husky Jett is in the news this month.  She is always at the car/motorcycle shows with us and helps earn votes for our vehicles.  Click here to visit her page on the Flymall.

We close this newsletter with this:

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November 27, 1957: RF-101 established a round trip transcontinental record of 6 hrs, 42 min, 6.9 sec