1991 Mazda Suitcase Concept Car

1991 Mazda Suitcase concept car

The Mazda Suitcase Car was originally designed and built in 1991 as part of a design contest held at Mazda’s Engineering department.  One of the engineers had an idea. What if you could get off a plane, get your luggage, and instead of waiting in line for a taxi or shuttle just pop open your suitcase and drive off?
Assembly takes about 15-20 seconds.   The Mazda Suitcase car is powered by a 40cc two stroke motor. Fuel capacity is enough for approximately 2 hours of driving. The exhaust exits through a silencer and out through a small hole in the rear of the suitcase.  It comes with functional headlights, brake lights, and turn signals. The rear brake is a small caliper and rotor.   Top speed is 27mph.  Click here for more pictures.




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