Super Constellation Restaurant (Connie)


Here is a place that my dad took me when I was just a young boy back in the 1960’s.

Jim Flannery’s Constellation Lounge on US Route 1 in Penndel, Pennsylvania. Jim bought the Super Connie, N1005C (c/n 4557), from Capitol Airways in August 1967 and had it dismantled and trucked from Wilmington, Delaware to its new home above his restaurant. Its passenger interior was removed and converted into a cocktail lounge, complete with thick pile carpeting on the walls, a parquet wood dance floor and a functioning wet bar.  Capitol Airways colors.

This Super Connie was one of a few L1049E’s manufactured and had flown for many airlines prior to becoming a cocktail lounge. She was originally ordered by the Norwegian airline, Braathens SAFE, but never delivered. She was instead delivered to Cubana who operated her for a few years in the mid-1950’s. From 1956 to 1964 she was owned by Seaboard World Airlines who leased her to a number of airlines including BOAC, Eastern Airlines, Irish Airlines and Intercontinental US. She was leased to Capitol Airways in 1965, sold to them in 1966 but by mid-1967 had been withdrawn from service and stored at Newcastle Airport in Wilmington, Delaware.

  • Final registration – N1005C
  • Originally ordered by Braathens SAFE but ordered cancelled
  • Delivered to Cubana Airlines November 1954 as L1049E CU-P573
  • To International Aviation who sold it to Seaboard & Western Airlines March 1956 as N1005C “Geneva Airtrader”
  • Leased to BOAC April 1 to April 30, 1956
  • Leased to Eastern Airlines January to June 1957
  • Leased to Aerlinte Eireann (Irish Airlines) May 1958 to December 22, 1960 as “St Brigid/Brighid”
  • To Canadair as trade-in for CL-44’s in 1962 and immediately leased back
  • Sub-leased to Intercontinental US Inc by June 1962 and reportedly damaged in the Congo December 30, 1962
  • Painted in Trans State Airlines color scheme at Idlewild Airport, NY October 1963 for intrastate scheduled service
  • Permission for service denied and aircraft stored at Idlewild until returned to Seaboard January 1964
  • Leased to Capitol Airways June 1, 1965 and sold to them March 1, 1966
  • Retired by Capitol and stored at Wilmington, DE by mid-1967
  • To Jim Flannery August 20, 1967 for use as a cocktail lounge at his restaurant in Penndel, PA
  • Disassembled and transported by road to Penndel
  • Positioned atop “Jim Flannery’s Restaurant” by August 1968 in Capitol color scheme
  • “Spirit of 76” insignia added in 1976
  • Became “Amelia’s Restaurant” in November 1981 and closed in 1986
  • Became “The Airplane Family Restaurant and Diner” in 1992
  • Amoco Oil bought the site in 1996 and removed the aircraft from atop the restaurant on July 9, 1997 for storage
  • Amoco donated aircraft to the Air Mobility Command (AMC) Museum at Dover AFB and it was moved by road to Dover AFB on October 25, 1997
  • Aircraft stored disassembled at the museum until July 2003 when it was reassembled
  • Restoration for display at the museum as a C-121C representation began August 2003
  • Cleaning and painting in C-121C colors began April 2007 after which aircraft to be put on display
  • Painting completed early July 2007 with false USAF serial “40315”.
  • Interior restoration completed by 2008 and aircraft on display
  • Long radar nose fabricated by museum volunteers and USAF Reserve personnel and installed summer 2012


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