Flymall News Feb 1 2011

The Flymall team has been busy over the last several months.  We have established numerous partnerships to offer our customers a variety of services and online shopping carts.  In our shopping mall you can shop at Best Buy, Newegg, and more.  For our automotive customers you can find our automotive related stores by clicking here – scroll down to the shopping mall.  We have also teamed up with a small aircraft restoration shop to offer new and used aircraft parts at very reasonable prices, click on our “Store” button and look under “Aircraft Supplies” for deals on aircraft parts.

We have added a new feature to our newsletter section that allows our past newsletters to be searchable.  You can search for your favorite newsletter, topics of interest, or subject.  Some of our past favorite newsletters include Charles Taylor, The Kettenkrad, and the Chevy Camaro.

Coming in the first quarter of 2011 we will be adding two new and exciting features to  One will be a searchable database for aircraft, car, and motorcycle values.  If you are looking at a certain vehicle or aircraft (even boats) try our database to find actual sale prices.  The second new feature will be a reviews section, also searchable.  Here users can write a review about a vehicle they test drove or aircraft they flew.  You will be able to search this database and find out what folks like or dislike about an aircraft or other vehicle – a great buyers tool.

And if you are a gear head or automotive enthusiast be sure to visit the Shady Grove or Laytonsville Cruise In and enter our contest for great prizes this car show season.

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