To The Bat Cave

Harry & Pat were lucky enough to get an invitation to a friend’s Bat Cave to see his Batmobile and his recently finished Batcycle.

The Batmobile took about 900 hours and about a year to build. The builder started with a 1978 Lincoln Town Car.

Where was this you ask?

Of course!

And yes, it is a real Bat Cave.

When the Batmobile leaves the Bat Cave, the road barrier flips down flat just like on the 1960s TV series.

And here she is, the Batmobile.

And the jet turbine exhaust is real!

Harry got to hang out with a few super heroes.

And no Bat Cave is complete without a Batcycle and sidecar with Robin’s go kart.

Harry even go to take Robin’s go kart out for a spin.


Click here for more pictures and video from the Bat Cave visit.

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