Kraemer Aviation Services, LLC

Aircraft type desired: ________________________

1. Buyer’s Agent Client is interested in the purchase of a __________ aircraft and desires to hire Kraemer Aviation Services, LLC (Harry Kraemer) as its exclusive “buyer’s agent” with regard to the purchase of said aircraft.

2. Services Rendered Kraemer Aviation Services, LLC (Harry Kraemer) shall use their experience and expertise to provide the client with the following assistance, guidance, and consultation. All pictures, specifications, comparisons, offers, agreements and other work will be available to client.

• For a onetime fee of $_____ USD Kraemer Aviation Services, LLC (Harry Kraemer) will complete an online appraisal/evaluation for an unlimited number of aircraft for a period of 90 days from the date this agreement is signed.
• This service includes advising client on an “offer” price and reviewing purchase agreements. Multiple resources will be used to determine an offer price.
• The online appraisal/evaluation will include a search of the NTSB database.

3. Commission Client agrees to pay Kraemer Aviation Services, LLC (Harry Kraemer) $________ USD for professional consultative services rendered. In addition any related travel expenses will be paid by the purchaser.

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