Flight Test


DPE- Do not ask questions during preflight

1. Be sure to take plan of action with you to the aircraft

2. Conduct flight test according to the Practical Test Standards

3. No instruction

4. No second chance when maneuver is unsatisfactory
5. Continue testing if maneuver is incomplete or you need more information to make a decision

6. Unsatisfactory performance
• Exceeding aircraft limitations
• Examiner intervention
• Inappropriate emergency procedures
• Outcome of the maneuver being seriously in doubt
• Poor judgment
• Not within approved standards
• Failure to apply aeronautical knowledge
• Not being the master of the aircraft
• Consistently exceeding tolerances stated in the objective
• Failure to take prompt corrective action when tolerances are exceeded

7. Use realistic distractions during the flight

8. Did the applicant meet the objective of the task?
P Did the applicant complete the procedure described?
T Did the applicant perform the maneuver within the tolerances?
S Did the applicant meet all safety considerations?

If you can answer YES to each of these questions without reservation, the applicant has satisfactorily completed the task.

EMPHASIS AREAS: As a result of studies into the cause factors of incidents, accident, and violations, it is imperative that pilot examiners give special consideration and exercise their most conservative judgment in evaluating the applicant’s knowledge of the following area:

1. Preflight
• Aircraft manuals and documentation
• Pilot medical certificates
• Weather
• Airport area and surroundings

2. Preflight inspections
• Landing gear
• Engine(s)
• Adequacy of fuel supply
• ATC communications and airspace considerations

3. Clearances
• Instructions
• Operations to/from/within/near Class A, B, C, D, and E airspace

4. Proper use of the flight controls/brakes on the ground

5. Landing flare

6. Avoidance of objects in the air and on the ground
7. Maintenance of adequate flying speed

8. Operations to/from/on suitable terrain for T/O, Apch, & Ldg Configuration & Procedure

9. Observance of minimum safe altitudes – congested and noncongested areas

10. Use of stabilized approach/flight path procedures

11. Forced landings

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