Instrument Rating Plan Of Action

I. Preflight Preparation
A. Pilot Qualifications
B. Weather Information
C. Cross-Country Flight Planning
II. Preflight Procedures
A. Airplane Systems Related to IFR Operations
B. Airplane Flight Instruments and Navigation Equipment
C. Instrument Flight Deck Check
III. Air Traffic Control Clearances and Procedures
A. Compliance with Air Traffic Control Clearances
B. Holding Procedures
IV. Flight by Reference to Instruments 
A. Instrument Flight
B. Recovery from Unusual Flight Attitudes
V. Navigation Systems
A. Intercepting and Tracking Navigational Systems and Arcs
B. Departure, En Route, and Arrival Operations
VI. Instrument Approach Procedures 
A. Nonprecision Approach
B. Precision Approach
C. Missed Approach
D. Circling Approach
E. Landing from an Instrument Approach
VII. Emergency Operations 
A. Loss of Communications
B. Approach with Loss of Primary Flight Instrument Indicators
VIII. Postflight Procedures 
A. Checking Instruments and Equipment

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