Private Pilot Flight Profile

Preflight Inspection
Cockpit Management
Engine Starting
Before Take-off Check
Soft field takeoff (cross wind takeoff if applicable)
Cross country:  Pilotage/Dead Reckoning
Trigger Event – divert to alternate via pilotage

Side slip for crosswind landing
Soft field landing
Short field takeoff & landing
Forward slip to landing
Go around

Power off 180

Steep turns

Slow Flight
Power off stall
Power on stall
Spin awareness
Ground Reference maneuvers

Instrument maneuvers
Magnetic compass turns
Unusual attitudes

Emergency descent
Emergency operations – systems & equipment failures
Lost procedures
Radio navigation to home base via VOR
Post flight procedures

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February 26, 1928: Airship Los Angeles departs Lakehurst, NJ for Panama Canal Zone, arrives on the 28th after 2,300 mile, 39.75 hour flight.