METAR Examples

Examples of METAR reports and explanation:

METAR KBNA 281250Z 33018KT 290V360 1/2SM R31/2700FT SN BLSN FG VV008 00/M03 A2991 RMK RAE42SNB42

METAR aviation routine weather
KBNA Nashville, TN
281250Z date 28th, time 1250 UTC
(no modifier) This is a manually generated
report, due to the absence of
“AUTO” and “AO1 or AO2”
in remarks
33018KT wind three three zero at one
290V360 wind variable between
two nine zero and three six
1/2SM visibility one half
R31/2700FT Runway three one RVR two
thousand seven hundred
SN moderate snow

BLSN FG visibility obscured by
blowing snow and fog
VV008 indefinite ceiling eight
00/M03 temperature zero, dew point
minus three
A2991 altimeter two niner niner one
RMK remarks
RAE42 rain ended at four two
SNB42 snow began at four two


METAR aviation routine weather
KSFO San Francisco, CA
041453Z date 4th, time 1453 UTC
AUTO fully automated; no human
VRB02KT wind variable at two
3SM visibility three
BR visibility obscured by mist
CLR no clouds below one two
15/12 temperature one five, dew
point one two
A3012 altimeter three zero one two
RMK remarks
AO2 this automated station has a
weather discriminator (for

SPECI KCVG 152224Z 28024G36KT 3/4SM +TSRA BKN008 OVC020CB 28/23 A3000 RMK TSRAB24 TS W MOV E

SPECI (nonroutine) aviation special
weather report
KCVG Cincinnati, OH
152228Z date 15th, time 2228 UTC
(no modifier) This is a manually generated
report due to the absence of

“AUTO” and “AO1 or AO2”
in remarks
28024G36KT wind two eight zero at
two four gusts three six
3/4SM visibility three fourths
+TSRA thunderstorms, heavy rain
BKN008 ceiling eight hundred broken
OVC020CB two thousand overcast
cumulonimbus clouds
28/23 temperature two eight,
dew point two three
A3000 altimeter three zero zero zero RMK remarks
TSRAB24 thunderstorm and rain began
at two four
TS W MOV E thunderstorm west moving

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