Twas the Night Before Christmas Biker Style

Twas the night before Christmas, and out in the garage. Two Harley’s were sitting…… a V Twin montage. But all of the streets they were covered with snow…. Not a safe place to ride, not a spot on the road.
The tenders were plugged in and humming away. Keeping batteries charged on that cold winter day.
The chrome was all shiny, the paint bright and clean, But the weather outside, it was nasty and mean….
Then out in the yard I heard such a Clatter, But how can that be, does the snow really not matter?
Then out in the driveway was a thunderous rattle, The unmistakable sound of a Ural’s lifter clatter.
The pilot was plump and dressed for the weather. A long beard of white gauntlets of leather. He went to the house and walked right through the door, Leaving gifts by the tree and gifts on the floor. A helmet and shield and a new set of lights, to make the ride safer for all those two wheeled bikes.
A new set of pipes just to make the bike sing. Chrome license plate cover, a bit of new bling. Then back to his Hack, old Ivan Clause came. He fired it up and the soviet motor sang. And I heard him exclaim as he clattered out of sight.
Safe riding to all, and to all a good night.
Merry Christmas my friends.
Safe riding in 2018, Ural, Harley or any brand that makes you smile

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