Private Pilot Checkride Feb 1 2017

Private pilot checkride  Feb 1 2017.

First we began the checkride with the oral portion of the exam. The oral exam included questions on what checks need to be done on the aircraft and how often they need to be checked. Next he asked me about the weather minimums for different airspace. After that we went over what needs to be onboard the aircraft before flight and who is responsible for keeping these things current. Last we went over weight and balance and what is possible when weight and balance are outside of the proper limits.

The flight portion started with landings. We did a soft-field landing and then two short field landings. After that we departed the pattern to go on a flight to Hanover. Once the cross country part was completed we did maneuvers. We did stalls, steep turns, turns about a point, and last we ended with s turns a cross a rode. We then returned to KTHV.

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