GI Bill VA Benefits Transferring a student

To transfer a student from one school to another:

Your student will need to complete a change of training/station form called a 22-1905. 


This form is to update the VA that your training establishment is his home school/training establishment.This form is not something that you have to provide and the student should be able to take care of by contacting the VA.  


Once the VA processes the 22-1905, they will send the student an updated Certificate of Eligibility with your institution listed as the home school and the student’s remaining benefits. 


The student should provide you this updated copy of their certificate of eligibility once they receive it. Please keep this document in your file for the student. 


You should also have the student submit any prior training in order to make sure the student is not duplicating any training with your training establishment. The VA will not pay for duplicate training already earned. 


The certification process is the same as a student originally starting out with you, once you are updated as the student’s home school/training establishment. 


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