Instrument Instructor Checkride Jan 2016

The Oral portion: Most of the discussion involved the G1000.

He wanted me to tell him about the components of the system, what controls what (AHRS, Air Data Computer Unit etc’ and the relationship to the different flight instruments).

I was asked to open a GPS approach plate and explain it to him. During this discussion he combined questions about the G1000 system again (i.e.- how do I physically load the approach and chose which would be my IAF, if there is a procedure turn involved- would it be loaded automatically or do I need to tell the system I am executing one. Things like that etc…).

Then he asked me to explain and give him a quick lesson about VOR.

During these discussions he added FAR questions (can I hold more than once? What are DP’s and Star’s? ATC questions…).

That was pretty much it. We sat for about 1 hr.


The Flight Portion:

He started the airplane, took off, gave me the controls right after. He wanted me to fly the ILS 8 at KCXY using the autopilot. He told me we would fly a low approach without going missed and then heading back to York to do the RNAV 17 with WABEP as the IAF (WABEP requires a procedure turn). Approaching WABEP he took the controls and started flying manually. We flew to WABEP and did 2 holds. During the holds he made students mistakes (non-standard turns, losing altitude) which he wanted to show me what ‘fixation’ leads to. He circled to land on 35 and that was it. The flight portion was not even an hour. During the entire flight it was important to him that I would be the only one handling the radio.

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