Instrument Checkride Jan 2016

We started the oral exam by going over all the documents and paper work required for the check ride.

The examiner then briefed me how the oral and practical parts of the check ride will proceed

In the oral part of the exam we mainly spoke about the following subject (2 hours):

Requirement to act as pilot in command under IFR-

How I would check the GPS, VOR systems, and radio systems.-

Pitot static system-how does it work –

-Weather services- and then he asked me a few question about it like: What does it mean freezing level and why is it so important…

-Approaches – We talked about the approach plate where can you find the approach plates, different circling scenarios, decent past the DA/DH, etc.

-Cross country planning – as part of the oral exam he asked me to plan a cross country flight from KTHV to KAGC with the current weather information and to decide if I need an alternate airport or not.

The practical exam (1.4 Hobs):

The examiner simulated clearance delivery from KHTV to KAGC based on the flight plan that I planned.

We started with ILS 8 at KCXY and after that we did LOC 8 in KCXY. From there we turned back to KHTV and he asked me to do RNAV 17 and hold at WABEP.

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