CFII Checkride

This is an older CFII Checkride – date unknown

The oral portion of the checkride.

All areas of special emphasis described in the PTS

Positive Aircraft Control — describe what it is, why it’s important, how to do it

CFIT —  The basic principle behind it… why it’s important to be aware of as VFR/IFR pilots

Wake Turbulence—- I was given a simple scenario…. (ie.. land beyond the point of touchdown of the jet)

How do you recover from a spin

Went over all the AOPA airport flashcards:

Is your aircraft approved for flight into known icing?  What de-icing capabilities does the a/c have?

Talk about LAHSO… what are you going to tell your students about it?

We continued to go through various questions important to the FARs

– What are you going to tell an initial student for the IR when you first meet them?
– What are they going to have to do to receive their license?
– How many hours are you allowed to fly in a simulator for part 61?  (10hrs)
Then we went on to talk about approach plates and how to read them.

What is the difference between a DH and MDA….. what are you going to tell your students?

I did not have to go over teaching how to do a flight plan even though it’s in the PTS

Known and understand weather

There were a few other questions on the approach plates. Be familiar with all the symbology and interpretation of them.

Here is the flight portion of this checkride. Departed KFDK and flew north east under the hood. First was steep turns to both directions under the hood. Next was unusual attitudes under the hood. Then we flew direct to EMI….. fly the published hold and VOR34 into KDMW partial panel. On the missed for the approach, it was vectors to intercept NUMBE and then fly the ILS 23 back to KFDK. Oral portion probably lasted from 10am – 1130. After a 20 min break to prep the plane we flew for 1.2 hrs.

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