Commercial Pilot Checkride Year 2007

These are notes from a commercial pilot checkride, maybe around 2007. Location and examiner unknown. It was in the local DC metro area.

Oral: Explain airspace dimensions and VFR weather minimums. ATC light gun signals. ADIZ/SFRA intercept procedures and what frequency to use and what code to squawk. What code to squawk if your radios went dead going into BWI? Commercial pilot limitations (difference between Part 91 and 135 ops). Know aero-medical factors (hypoxia, hyperventilation, alcohol/drugs). Explain runway markings. LAHSO. Know how to get a ferry permit to bring your airplane home if your annual is overdue (get permit from FSDO signed by an A&P with IA). Know required instruments for VFR day and night flight. Explain spin recovery procedure. Be able to describe all of the commercial maneuvers. In the chandelle, where is the pitch angle the greatest? Same thing with the Lazy 8, know where is the pitch angle the greatest? What to do if the pylon creeps ahead of you during eights on pylons.

Flight portion: Remember to brief the examiner on seat belt and shoulder harness use. A soft-field takeoff with an obstacle. Be able to intercept a VOR radial. Be prepared to divert to an airport of the examiner’s choice. Demonstrate slow flight, power off and power on stalls. Pylon 8s and chandelles. Do clearing turns! You will do an engine out approach and landing.

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