CFI Checkride Summer 2005 KESN


The test in general: Goal is to test the sufficiency of instruction and to see whether you have the communications skills necessary to be a good flight instructor. The examiner may discuss who would be pilot in command in the event of a real emergency during the flight. Oral: Flight instructor roles and responsibilities. Know endorsements for student and private pilots, and where to find the language (AC 61.65) and corresponding requirements in FAR Part 61. Decision making and the role of sound ADM in accident prevention. You may be given a photocopy of a fictitious third class medical and asked to fill out the endorsements on the medical to make it a student pilot certificate. You may be asked to review a completed 8710 application for errors. You will be given different scenarios (student pilot, etc) and asked what endorsements are required for this type of flight or that type of flight, etc. How can you ensure that your student operates safely while conducting solo operations (restrictions in 90-day endorsement). You may be presented with NTSB report summaries and asked to review each one and discuss some of the issues in each incident/accident, what the pilots could/should have done differently to prevent the incident/accident, and how they could have handled the emergency better once it was in progress. Here are the case numbers : IAD99LA068 (9/21/99, Cessna 172 at Potomac), IAD98LA099 (8/22/98, Mooney at Kentmorr), IAD99FA051 (6/28/99, Cessna 172 at GAI). Pretend the examiner is a student pilot with only a couple of hours, and teach him weight and balance. Pick one Performance chart and describe to the examiner how to use it. You may be asked to prepare a lesson plan for a student whom experience level will be given to you by the examiner.


Engine Start and Taxi. Soft field takeoff. Short field approach landing. Chandelle. Power-Off Stall. Trim Stall. Straight-and-Level flight by reference to instruments (hood work) – the examiner may wear the hood and do the flying. On all maneuvers you may be asked to demonstrate or critique. Steep Turn. Emergency Approach and Landing. Eights on Pylons . S-Turns. Pattern entry. Slip to a Landing. Post-Flight procedures (engine shutdown/securing).

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