CFI Checkride Nov 2015 KGAI

Nov 2015 CFI Checkride at KGAI

Oral portion:

He started the oral by asking me what endorsements do I need to have in my logbook for the checkride? Next we did the required paperwork.

Next I rolled the dice for parts of the PTS, both oral and flight.

FOI – I got task E (instructor responsibilities) and task B (the learning process). He asked me what are my responsibilities as a flight instructor and he asked me about professionalism. Next we moved to the learning process. I was asked about the laws of learning. We talked about motivation, effective communication and barriers to learning.


Next we moved to technical subject areas and a roll of the dice gave me runway incursions and avoidance. 14 CFR, publications,  and logbook entries and endorsements.

For runway incursions I just showed him all the material that I had in my binder, told him about the importance of safety during taxi, I used the Tenerife accident in 1977 as an example.

Next we moved to 14 CFR, he asked me what is Part 1 and what is NTSB Part 830. We talked about A/Cs.

Next moved to logbooks and endorsements. He asked me what endorsements and logbook entries I should give to a student pilot.

The next task was preflight information and I got certificate and documents and airworthiness requirements. We talked about ARROW. He wanted me to show him in the airplane logbook all the required inspections.

Next task was preflight lesson on a maneuver to be performed in flight: he asked me to prepare him a lesson on power on stalls.


Flight portion:


He asked me to teach him how to start the engine (explained him step by step the checklist), then he took the controls and started to taxi, he taxied too fast and without his hands on the yoke and waited for me to correct him. He told me to teach him a short field take off.  I explained to him what to do and he did the take off. He flew the plane until we left the SFRA.  After leaving the SFRA he asked me to teach him and show him steep turns. Next he told me to teach him a chandelle. I did a chandelle and he did one.  Next he reduced the power to idle and told me that we have lost the engine. I was asked to teach him what to do. We made it to the field I selected and did a go around.  We did the emergency descent because we were high from the chandelles.

Next he told me to teach him 8s on pylons while he flew the maneuver. From that we flew to KDMW. I took the controls and he told me to do a power off 180 to land on the 1000 marker. After that we taxied back to the runway and he told me to teach and show him a soft field takeoff. Next he told me to teach and show him s-turns.  Next he told me to teach and show him a power off stall. Then we talked about trim stalls and flew back to KGAI. He told me to show him a normal landing and to land on the centerline.


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