WIFA Private Pilot Ground School 141

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Private Pilot Ground School (141 Program)

Dec 13.0 Aerodynamic Principles

Dec 31.0 SFRA Procedures

Dec 82.5 Airplane systems

Dec 103.0 The Flight Environment

Dec 153.0 Communications and Flight

Dec 173.0 FARs

Dec 223.0 Meteorology

Dec 293.0 Interpreting Weather Data

Jan 52.5 Human Factors

Jan 72.5 Airplane Performance

Jan 123.0 Navigation

Jan 142.0 Planning a cross country

Jan 193.0 Review for finals


Class will meet each evening from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Students should plan on being there each evening for 3 hours. Some nights may be shorter depending on how quickly we can cover the required material.

Price will be $475.00 plus books and supplies

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