Private Pilot Oral Exam

Here are some notes from a private pilot oral exam as recalled from the pilot that took the check-ride.

Be able to tell the examiner what equipment, documents, and inspections are required for the plane to be airworthy and what you as PIC need in your possession to fly legally. Know and understand what is required in terms of currency requirements to take passengers. Know the night and day take off and landing currency, and BFR requirements. The examiner may draw a circle with a wind direction arrow next to it to symbolize turns around a point and ask where the angle of bank would be steepest and where it would be most shallow and be able to tell the examiner at what point your ground speed would be maximum/minimum. What do you if you find an F-16 alongside you? For this question know the intercept procedures. What frequency would you tune in to try to communicate (121.5) with them and what should you do with your transponder (7700). What would you do if you were flying along and saw red and green lights shining at you from the ground? An answer may be to assume that you busted the SFRA and that you would turn 180 and head back to land at the nearest airport outside the SFRA.


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