Flymall October 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to the Kraemer Aviation/Flymall October 2015 newsletter.

We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with the Washington International Flight Academy at the Montgomery County Airpark. Harry will be overseeing the flight school and developing new programs.  Harry will also be working with the FAA in developing more FAA approved training programs for the flight school.

If you have not seen our post about a flight from Israel to Maryland in a Cessna 172 you can read it by clicking here. A flight that takes you from the Middle East, across the Mediterranean, Europe, the north Atlantic, Canada, and down the east coast of the United States.

We have numerous used aircraft for sale ranging from a biplane for under $10,000 to a couple of high performance Mooney aircraft. View our used aircraft section for our listings.

If you know of anyone needing an appraisal on their modern or classic aircraft (including warbirds), classic or collector car/motorcycle, or other vehicle send them to us. We pay referral fees to folks that send us business. Click here for our appraisal page and for more information on our appraisals.

Winter is typically the time we clean out the hangar or garage. If you plan to do some cleaning this winter and have items to sell let us list them in our online store for you for free.  Our store has over 20 categories ranging from automotive, motorcycle, aircraft parts, antiques, and more.  Click here to visit our store – click on the store tab on the left navigation bar. 

For more updates between newsletters you can like or follow us on Facebook by clicking here. Hope to see you at some of the wheels and wings events in the mid Atlantic region.  You can view our calendar to see where we will be by clicking here.  And for other events visit our events calendar by clicking here – with over 25 categories there is something for everyone.


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