Flymall / Kraemer Aviation June 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to the Flymall/Kraemer Aviation June 2015 newsletter.

Two of our clients that have purchased aircraft from us compete in the all women race the Air Race Classic.  This year one finished third and the other nineteenth.   Congratulations to both teams.  For more information visit our home page and click on the DC3 Air Racing icon.

One of the race teams is in the process of upgrading to a Piper Mirage and I have been working with them to locate a suitable aircraft. Here is what it is like to walk into a Malibu Mirage showroom.


For our clients that plan to purchase an aircraft to leaseback to a flight school, Harry has developed an online leaseback calculator.  You can use this to determine your monthly income, what you hourly rate should be, and more.  Click here to view the calculator.

During car show season we continue to show vehicles from our collection of rare European three wheel vehicles.  Our 1912 AC has proven to be a show winner every time.  For more information on our collection visit our wheels and wings page and click on the car show icon.  Our latest addition to the collection is a 1880s tiller tricycle that has been restored to its original condition.

We are always trying to add more features and improve our wheels and wings site  Recently we added a new feature to our market watch section that allows the user to submit their own price quote or price data.  Click here for the market watch section.

For all of our pilot friends that have ever used a crew car here is a great story on crew cars.


Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next month.

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Today in Aviation History
February 26, 1952: North American test pilot George Smith becomes the first person to survive a supersonic ejection. During a test flight the controls of a production F-100A Super Sabre lock and the plane enters a near vertical dive. At an altitude of 6000 ft at Mach 1.05 (675 mph), Smith ejects. He experiences a peak 64 g from wind-drag deceleration and spends .29 sec above 20 g. Smith immediate lost consciousness and his chute deploys but with 1/3 of its panels ripped. Gravely injured he lands in the Pacific where a fishing boat finds him. Smith recovers after a long convalescence and returns to testing high performance a/c.