Flymall October 2014 Newsletter

Welcome to our October newsletter.  Lots going on at the Flymall.   Pat Kraemer made her first flight in our Piper Arrow for Pilot’s N Paws We are happy to be supporting this organization dedicated to helping our K9 friends find forever homes.  You can follow Pat on her Pilot’s N Paws adventures on our forum found on our home page – click on the forum tab and then under Pilots & Pets click on Pat’s Pilots N Paws Adventures.

Aircraft sales are up with sales from everything to business jets to light sport aircraft.  If you have an aircraft to sell we have several options for you to utilize the services of the Flymall.  See and click on Our Commission / Rates Fees for more information.  We can also list your classic/collector car or motorcycle on the Flymall.

Pat Kraemer will be at the Montgomery County Airpark (KGAI) open house this Saturday October 18 2014 at the 99’s booth. Stop by and say hello.

As some of you may know, we have an interest in rare European three wheel vehicles and we’re pleased to add this rare 1912 Auto-Carrier ( to our collection.  Harry attended the RM Auction at the AACA fall meet in Hershey, PA to bid/purchase this vehicle.  You can check our class & appearance schedule for shows that we will be attending with the Auto-Carrier.  If you have an interest in three wheelers you can join the “Three Wheel Association” started by Harry Kraemer. Details are at

If you would like to follow Harry’s wheels & wings blog just click on the forum tab on our home page and under Laytonsville Cruise In click on Harry’s Blog.  You can also follow Harry on Facebook.  A link to our Facebook page can be found at the bottom of our webpages.

Ira Walker of Walker Aviation has been restoring snow cars (the predecessor of the modern snowmobile) for many years.  He is very knowledgeable on the history of snow cars.  A few of his restored snow cars have sold on the Flymall.  Ira has a few snow cars listed on the Flymall in the store under Powersports or you can simply search our site for snowcar.  We also have some pictures of one that he is currently working on listed there.  To find out more about Ira and his company Walker Aviation just click on the Walker Aviation tab on our homepage   Ira can build you a modern version of a snow car to your specs. Contact Ira via his page on the Flymall for more information.

If you have not checked out of events calendar, you can view it at  We have started tagging events so that you can search for an event that supports your favorite charity or that provides money/funding for a certain medical research like alzheimer’s.  For example you can search our calendar for alzheimer’s to find all events that support alzheimer’s.  We have over 25 different categories in our events calendar so there is something for everyone.   Did you know that our events calendar can send you an email reminder about an event?  When you search for an event and open that event you have the option called remind – It’s very simple.    And if you are a Beatles fan like we are our events calendar has a Beatles category that shows significant/historical dates in Beatle history.

If you would like to advertise on the Flymall Wheels & Wings site we have numerous options for you. Please contact Harry for more information.

Thanks for signing up for our newsletter and stay tuned next month for more updates and exciting news.

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