The New Morgan Three Wheeler Begining

How the Triking Helped Jumpstart the New Morgan Three Wheeler

A gentleman named Pete Larsen (of Liberty Motors in Seattle, Washington) was trying to import a Moto Guzzi powered Triking into the states.  Unsuccessful Pete decided to design and manufacture his own 3 wheel cycle car.  Already in the sidecar manufacturing business Pete used his vehicle design and manufacturing experience and created the American Cycle-car Endeavor or ACE, also referred to as the ACE Cycle Car or Liberty’s ACE.  The ACE is/was modeled after a 1930s Morgan Aero and it is powered by a Harley Davidson V Twin.

Pete’s ACE was in limited production for several years when Andrew English (A world re known automotive journalist) test drove one and did a very nice review that was published in the London Daily Telegraph newspaper in February 2009.  Charles Morgan (president and third generation CEO of Morgan Motor Company) just happened to see the article and pictures and was inspired to bring back the Morgan Three Wheeler which stopped production in the 1950s.

Charles Morgan hired Lance Tunick (an American based automotive consultant) to meet with Pete – this was in early 2009.  This meeting went well and later that same year Charles Morgan sent two top executives (Steve Morris / Director of Operations and Tim Whitworth/Chief Financial Officer) to meet with Pete and further evaluate the ACE.

Needless to say the top folks at Morgan were impressed.  Pete had spent numerous hours on research and development on many engineering challenges on the ACE and was able to correct and/or overcome all of the challenges.

A year later the Morgan Motor Company had an agreement with Pete Larsen for him to provide blueprints, engineering drawings, engineering consulting services and a fully operational ACE.  And the rest is history.

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