N731WA Appraisal

N731WA Appraisal Summary

1973 Piper PA34200

SN 347350245

12,457 TTAF

Time SMOH on right engine is 1486.6 (based on current tac of 3576.6). Time SMOH on left engine is 879.6 (based on current tac of 2857.3).


A visual inspection and log book analysis was performed October 20 2013 on the aircraft N731WA at: Tipton Airport, located in Fort Meade, Maryland.  It is the opinion of this appraiser that the fair market value of the above aircraft is:


                                                               $57,275.00 USD


Flymall Market Watch on appraised aircraft

Appraisal Report

731WA Exterior

731WA Interior

731WA Left Prop

731WA Right Prop

731WA Left Engine

731WA Right Engine

731WA Misc Log Entries

731WA Canadian Logs

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