1973 Dodge Challenger Appraisal

On August 11, 2013 I personally visually inspected and evaluated the vehicle described below for the purpose of providing an estimation of the vehicle’s cash/fair market value today as well as its value after the recent accident (after repairs have been made). I inspected the vehicle’s exterior, interior, chassis, and engine compartment.  A mechanical evaluation was conducted where possible/necessary. The evaluation is based upon authenticity, preservation/ restoration, maintenance and/or replacement costs.

 Vehicle Make & Year:         1973 Dodge Challenger 340       

 Overall the vehicle is in good condition (Condition 4).  It shows normal wear for a vehicle of its age and for one that is driven. The damage was to the right quarter panel, rear wheel, and trim ring. The right door is also out of alignment door to the collision.

 After careful evaluation of this vehicle, based on my expertise and experience (and after consulting numerous websites/online databases, reviewing comparables, and after consulting with other professional appraisers, museums, and automotive experts, etc., when necessary, I appraise (estimate) this vehicle as having a cash value of $13,612.00 prior to the accident and a cash value of $10,209 after the accident and repairs have been completed.

Click here for full appraisal report.

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All of our online research was entered into the Flymall Market Watch for future reference. Click here to view our data on the Dodge Challenger Rallye Hardtop Coupe.

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