Frederick Tower Update

The target opening date is May 1st for the Tower.  The Tower frequency will be 132.400, ground frequency will be 121.975, ATIS/AWOS 124.875. The operating hours are scheduled to be 7:00 a.m. to 9 p.m.  – 7 days a week.  After 9 p.m. the airfield reverts back to CTAF operations on frequency 132.400 (not 122.725). All pilot controlled lighting will operate on 132.400 after the Tower closes for the night. For safety purposes, the FBO will continue to monitor the 122.725 frequency for the next (6) months to alert any traffic not operating on the new 132.400 frequency.

Click on the link below for an illustration that indicates the movement area boundaries for the airfield. Blue indicates free movement, before entering the red you must contact the ground controller. The airport management is working on getting the boundary markings painted by May 1st, however if they cannot get this done in time there will be temporary signage at all of the boundary areas.

Movement area boundaries

AOPA will be rescheduling our Towered Operations Seminar for April 24th, probably around 7 p.m. at the FSK Holiday Inn. AOPA will be sending out a formal announcement shortly. The Tower Manager (Todd Johnson), along with all of the new controllers will be attending the event. It will be a great time to meet your new Tower staff.

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