More on the NEW Morgan Three Wheeler

Luddites rejoice! While some might call it the worst of both worlds, British carmaker, Morgan, is building a three-wheeler powered by a Harley.

That’s right; the iconic manufacturer recently announced that it will build “new” three-wheeled vehicles, and the powerplant of choice will be an 1800 cc  Harley-Davidson V-twin. “The time is right to re-launch this exceptional design,” says Morgan on its website, adding that the company will be expanding its range for 2011 and going back to its “roots”.

Morgan originally got its start by producing three-wheelers, of course, back in 1909, and manufactured them until 1953, selling some 30,000 over the years. In that time, they were propelled by everything from air-cooled motorcycle engines, to small displacement Ford four cylinders. In the 1930s, Morgan actually offered buyers a 990 cc water-cooled Matchless V-twin engine, so the choice of a Harley unit for the new trike isn’t that out of line.

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