Leaning the Cessna 182

Here are some basic guidelines for leaning the Cessna 182T.

Per Section 4 in the POH, Cessna recommends the following:

Recommended Lean – 50 Degrees rich of peak EGT

Best Economy – Peak EGT

Best Power – 125 Degrees Rich

Leaning using the G1000 Lean Display page.

For normally-aspirated aircraft, when a cylinder peaks, its peak is represented by a hollow block on the EGT Bar Graph. The EGT readout for the peaked cylinder, indicated on the bar graph in light blue, appears directly beneath the bar graph. The system automatically switches to the first peak obtained and displays the temperature deviation from peak (ΔPEAK) in degrees Fahrenheit (°F) below the EGT readout.

Selecting the Engine Leaning Assist function: From the Lean Display, press the ASSIST Softkey to identify the peak. The peak temperature for the selected cylinder is indicated with a hollow block on the EGT Bar Graph and the temperature deviation from peak is shown underneath the EGT Bar Graph.

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