2002 Cirrus SR20 Appraisal

Here is an appraisal and market analysis of N912BG, a 2002 Cirrus SR20.  The BlueBook appraisal has an average retail of $169,365 USD and a wholesale or trade-in value of $136,149 USD.  This appraisal does not take into consideration the actual condition of the aircraft or a review of the aircraft log books.  An aircraft will usually sell for somewhere between the average retail and the wholesale value.  However based on the current market and current listings N912BG will likely sell for somewhere in the $130,000 range.  I would recommend starting the listing near the $160,000 range and come down from there.

BlueBook Appraisal

I have included current listings from Controller, Trade-A-Plane, ASO, and Global Air.  A review of these listings show 2004 and 2005 Cirrus SR20 available for under $169,000 USD.  The nearest competition is a 2002 by Steel Aviation listed for $144,000 on the Controller and a 2002 on Trade-A-Plane for $129,000 USD.

ASO listings Controller listings Global Air listings Trade-A-Plane listings

There has also been a lot of negative news regarding Cirrus Design, the company and news regarding the safety of the aircraft.  You may search my newsletter section for “Cirrus” to find some of the post regarding Cirrus.  From my contacts in the brokerage business this negative news has turned some buyers away from purchasing a Cirrus.  This negative news had made Cirrus harder to sell.  They tend to stay on the market longer.

The Cessna 172 is a good choice for a replacement aircraft.  Here is a current listing of the Cessna 172 that are available on the Controller.  The price range is from $98,000 USD up to $140,000 for an equal replacement Cessna 172.  Channel Islands has a Cessna 172 with 802 total time for $98,000 USD.

Cessna 172 listings

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