Cirrus Accidents

While doing some research for a presentation I came across 3 landing accidents (2 fatal) that involved Cirrus aircraft – see links below for NTSB reports.  All three accidents happened in the same month (July 2010).  From reading the NTSB reports it appears that on the two fatal accidents the aircraft impacted the ground (more than once) either very hard or with parts other than the landing gear.  And on both it appears that the pilots tried to go around after “impacting” the ground/runway.  NEVER take a damaged aircraft into the air.  Yes we are taught to go around if the landing does not work out, but we are not taught to go around after damaging the aircraft.  Keep it on the ground after it is damaged.  Does Cirrus aircraft give pilots a false sense of security or make them feel invincible?  On the third accident the pilot had luck on his side; he survived but damaged the aircraft.  It appears that this accident was due to poor decision making. 

Fatal accident #1

Fatal accident #2

Accident #3

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