Chevy Camaro and its many faces

From my early teens when I first started looking at cars as something I may drive and own one day, the Camaro caught my eye.  It was the only car that I wanted at the time.  So I saved up my money and when I turned 16 my father helped me purchase a 1972 Camaro.  I read book after book on the Camaro and knew its history inside and out.  Today my interests have turned to British and European cars and motorcycles but I have always had an eye for the Camaro.

You can trace the Camaro’s roots back to the early 1960s and the Corvair.  GM developed the Corvair to compete with the import market which was out selling US cars.  Soon after the introduction of the Corvair it was decided that the Corvair needed some dressing up.  The outcome was the Monza.  The Corvair Monza was a big success.  It also caught the attention of Lee Iacocca at Ford and a few years later the Mustang was on the market.  And we all know how well the Mustang did.  So GM had to come back with something – the answer was the Camaro.  Over the years the Camaro wore many diferent faces that most do not know about.  In this newsletter I will introduce some of the not so well known Camaros.

Here are some concept drawings from 1964 with a fastback roofline.

And how about going to the Home Depot in your Camaro pickup?

Here are a few John DeLorean inspired concepts.

These were drawn in May of 1969.

Say it ain’t so, a Camaro station wagon.  The Camaro may have been the family station wagon.

Here are some other drawings and concepts.

You can see some Corvette in some of these pictures as well as the Buick Reatta.

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