Twas the Night before the Cruise-In

Twas the night before the cruise in, when all through the garage
Not a vehicle was running, not even the Dodge;
The spark plugs were removed by myself with care,
In hopes that my mechanic would soon be here;
My sockets were nestled all snug in their case,
With visions of a mechanic all dressed in lace;
While in my shop clothes with a matching cap,
I had just settled down for a garage floor nap,
When out in the driveway there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the floor to see what was the matter.
Away passed the Chevy I flew like a flash,
Jumped over the Ford but hit the Nash.
Hoping it was my mechanic but I didn’t know
So I directed my shop light out into the snow,
When, what to my wondering eyes did appear,
Was my mechanic drinking a beer!
With his little red Vette, so shinny and quick,
Wasn’t an automatic, it was a stick.
More rapid than a street rod with his tools he came,
He stumbled and stuttered and he called me by name;
The Chevy, the Ford both needed fixin!
Along with a Buick once owned by Nixon!
From the Harley to 4×4 so big and tall!
My mechanic he’d fix them all!
He’d fixed cars and boats and things that fly,
And little old me I wouldn’t try,
So over to the Chevy with the big block he flew,
The Ford, the Dodge, he fixed the Nash too.
And for a minute I’d thought he made a goof
But it was his beer knocked off the roof.
Startled and shaken he was turning around,
Just in time to see the beer hit the ground.
He was dressed in overalls from his head to his foot,
His clothes were all covered with grease and soot;
With a bundle of tools flung on his back,
If you need help again call I’ll be back.
His Vette – how sweat and clean, nothing but Cherry!
He built it for his wife, think her name’s Mary!
So tomorrow is the cruise in and I think I will go,
Invited my wife but she doesn’t know;
Polished my wheels with a toothbrush like my teeth,
This was a tip from a friend named Keith;
At breakfast I ate and stuffed my belly,
I had coffee and toast with strawberry jelly.
Out in the garage grab the wax off the shelf,
I waxed two cars all by myself;
I polished the Dodge so shinny and red,
So off to the cruise in I think I’ll head;
A great day for a cruise in and I don’t have to work,
An aggressive driver; what a jerk,
But who’s at the cruise in nobody knows,
I’m off to the Exxon where everybody goes;
There’s my friend Tom I’ll give him a whistle,
And there’s Joe with a old Ford Edsel.
But look at the cars here, man what a sight,

“Happy Cruise -in to all, and to all a good-night.”

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