Help you sell your aircraft

Flymall has a new campaign to help you sell your aircraft.  Flymall pays for all advertising, responds to all inquires, prequalifies all potential buyers and sends you only qualified/serious buyers.  You will be responsible for demoing the aircraft.  Flymall is only acting as an advertising agency therefore we will not be able to demo the aircraft.  We are able to meet a buyer and show them the aircraft in the hangar or at your tie down, however we will not be able to fly the aircraft.  

Our fee for this service is $900.00.  There is a $450.00 fee due at the signing of our agreement and the balance of $450.00 is due when the aircraft is sold.  On average it will cost between $300.00 and $600.00 to sell an aircraft.  We will sign a broker agreement for 120 days.  At the end of the 120 days if the aircraft has not sold we can revisit our options and depending on the situation there may be an additional fee to continue listing the aircraft.

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