Day Trip Ideas has launched a new section on our website called “DayTripper”.  It is full of day trip and/or flyout ideas.  It uses the same program used for our aircraft inventory you can use the “Search Aircraft” box in the upper right corner and use key words to find an idea.  You can type in “flyout” and all of the flyout ideas will be displayed.  If you plan to be at an airport and you want to know what there is to do there you can type in the airport name or identifier to see what we have available.  We are also adding local places to eat or for catering for each airport listed in our database.  You can also search for ideas by the city or town name. There are also non flying day trip ideas, just enter your topic of interest to see what we have listed, for example type in “trains” and you will find several day trip ideas for the train enthusiasts.  If you like driving or bicycling type in “covered bridge, tour, drive, driving, cruise, cars, automotive, motorcycle, or cycling and I have a covered bridge tour idea – we will be adding more driving tours or scenic drives .  There are also some unusual vacation ideas listed, for example we have an underwater hotel in Florida.   We also have several hiking and/or bicycling trail finders that allow you to search for a hiking or bicycle trail near you.  For most we have a link for the local weather and forecast (aviation and non aviation weather is available via the link).  We plan to have the weather available for all daytripper events.  We are still building the database, so this is a work in progress – keep checking back to see what has been added.  If you have an idea please email us, you can email us directly from the daytripper section of this site.

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