Flymall Opens New Stores

While many companies are talking about downsizing and cuts backs Kraemer Aviation is starting off 2010 with some expansions.  Yes we are growing!  On the aviation side we have expanded with three new online stores; the first is through Café Press where we offer Kraemer Aviation products and we can also customize products for you.  Simply send us a picture of your aircraft, car, family, etc. and we can put it on a coffee cup or numerous other products for you.  CLICK HERE to go to our Café Press store or click on our Store button on our website.  We are also very excited to announce that we have partnered with the pilot shop “Airways” at the Lancaster Airport.  Through this partnership we now have an online store that rivals Sporty’s.  The store has thousands of products ranging from GPS, books, aircraft supplies, and much more.  You can browse the store by clicking the Flymall Pilot Shop button (coming soon) on our website or by CLICKING HERE.  And we have also partnered with Historic Aviation to offer their entire catalog through Flymall.  We will have a link to our Historic Aviation store up on our website soon.  Kraemer Aviation is truly becoming a Flymall – from shopping at one of our online stores, selecting one of our many used aircraft, visiting our real estate section for an airport home, or shopping for the lowest fuel price – Flymall offers this and more.

 We have also expanded into the automotive market.  Currently we offer a line of economical scooters, dune buggies, and other products made by Wildfire Motors.  These products are found in the Powersports section of our store.  And in addition to aircraft appraisals we also offer appraisals on classic/vintage vehicles and motorcycles – see our Wheels N Wings section of our site (coming Spring/Summer 2010).  And in line with our Wheels N Wings growth check out the Switchblade by Samson Motorworks.  We have expressed interest to the President about becoming a dealer and/or training center for these vehicles/aircraft when they are available.

The Switchblade is a 3 wheel motorcycle/airplane.  No longer will you need to rent a hangar at the local airport.  Just drive your Switchblade from home to the airport, convert to airplane mode and fly away.

And as an additional service to our automotive clients we are looking into offering the entire JC Whitney catalog on line through our site.  We are still early in the discussions however we hope to have this in place by the early summer.  So while others are downsizing here is the only downsizing we will be doing.

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